Laval could only manage a draw in their Ligne 2 match against Auxerre

Football: Ligue 2, Laval is satisfied with a Draw against Auxerre

Laval is satisfied with a draw against Auxerre. One point that does not help either team, who are concerned with the consolidating their positions. The Tangos are 19th in Ligue 2, three points behind their opponents of the evening, who are 17th. In the football last night, it was a sad draw between Laval and […]

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Laval drew against the Valenciennes in the Football

Ligue 2: Laval Conceded a Draw against Valenciennes

The Laval team conceded the draw against Valenciennes. The Tangos had the opportunity to open the scoring several times in a very frustrating match. Mathieu Coutadeur notably missed a penalty. A frustrating evening and only one point for the Laval team. The first half is lively and both teams are attacking forward. These are still the Tangos that […]

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Laval get a valuable win against Troyes in the Ligne 2 Football match

Football Ligue 2: Laval gets a valuable Win against Troyes

The Stade Lavallois won against Troyes. A major success for the Tangos that takes out of the red zone. The goal of Mathieu Coutadeur enough happiness Laval and Marco Simone. With this success, the Mayenne players leave the red zone and back to the sixteenth place. The first half is equally balanced between the two […]

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