May 1st protests across France against the Pension reform

May 1st: Relive this Day of Protest in Pictures

Between 782,000 and 3.2 million people marched in the streets against the pension reform. In Nantes, Rennes, Paris or Toulouse, violence broke out. Many demonstrators wandered the streets on Monday, May 1st with, in the background, the fight against pension reform. The violence still punctuated the processions. The violence has mounted over the demonstrations against the […]

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What to expect from the protests against pension reform

May Day Demonstration: A “Historic” but Truly Decisive Protest Against the Pension Reform?

OPPOSITION: The unions have called for making May 1st “an exceptional and popular day of protest”, while the protest against the pension reform does not weaken The unions have called for making May 1st “a day of exceptional and popular protest” against the pension reform. After the validation of the text by the Constitutional Council in […]

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May 1st protests, tense situation in Paris

May 1st: Tense Situation in Paris between Black blocs and Police

While thousands of people demonstrate throughout France on the occasion of Labour Day, May 1st,  scenes of violence were observed in the capital. Thousands of people demonstrate throughout France Wednesday, May 1st, 2019. In Paris , the atmosphere is very tense and clashes between “black blocs” and police took place in Paris. A situation that contrasts with the good-natured atmosphere in the […]

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Demonstrations are expected all over the country for May 1st

May 1st Under Pressure: Radicals Promise a “Day of Apocalypse”

This Wednesday, May 1st, on the occasion of Labour Day and union parades, the government fears violence from “black blocs” and yellow Vests radicals. Of trade union demonstrations and yellow jackets are scheduled all over France for this Labor Day . It is once again likely to be spoiled by radicals promising an “Apocalypse Day”, which the executive hopes to avoid with a serious […]

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The shops open and closed on May 1st in Toulouse

Toulouse: Shops, Services, Transport … What is Open or Closed, Wednesday 1st May

Wednesday 1st May, 2019 is a holiday. If many shops or services close for Labour Day, others open their doors in Toulouse. Who says the 1st of May, said Labour Day? Passers-by will be able to stroll in the parks and gardens of Toulouse . Others will be able to afford lily of the Valley. While strolling in the […]

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According to the unions, 5,000 people joined the traditional parade May day parade in Nantes

Demonstration of 1st May in Nantes: 5000 Demonstrators according to unions

According to the unions, 5,000 people left the Machines of the  l’lle de Nantes, the starting point of the traditional parade and finished at the Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne. Multiple speeches and words from the unions gave the starting signal of the May Day parade in Nantes, in the presence of at least 3000 people, although […]

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The traditional 1st May Labour Day event will start from the Town Hall square in Rennes

May 1st: Rennes, the Event will Leave from the Town Hall Square

Access to the historic centre was closed so far … Closed to protesters from overflowing during the recent rallies against the El Khomri Labour Law, access to the historic centre was opened to the unions this Sunday at Rennes.  The demonstration on the 1st May will therefore be from the Town Hall Square at 11 […]

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The traditional Labour Day event in Ancenis will be at the jardin de l'Éperon, starting at 10.30am

Ancenis: Sunday 1st May Event, 10.30 am at the jardin de l’Éperon

The unions FO, CGT, FSU, Solidaires gather this Sunday, 1st May, in Ancenis in the jardin de l’Éperon, near the bridge in Ancenis The unions FO, CGT, FSU, Solidaires gather on for the traditional Labour day event on Sunday 1st May in Ancenis, in the jardin de l’Éperon, near the bridge in  Ancenis, ” to give […]

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