The season for Boot sales in the Loire-Atlantique is restarting

Loire-Atlantique: Boot Fairs in the Region

The season for the Boot Sales is restarting in the Loire-Atlantique Whether inland in the small villages or on the coast of the Loire-Atlantique Region, the season of the Vide Greniers, or Boot Sales is restarting.  Here is what on this Sunday 14th April. Ancenis-Saint-Géréon. Vide-greniers. 9am to 5pm. Salle de la Charbonnière, Ancenis. Bouguenais. 10th vide-greniers […]

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Christian Prudhomme will be Guest of Honor at Pornichet Vtt on 15th August

Pornichet Mountain Bike Competition: Christian Prudhomme Guest of Honor

The director of the Tour de France is the guest of honor of this race held on Wednesday 15th August, in the town of Pornichet. Wednesday 15th August, will be held the “Rando VTT’Estivale” in Pornichet. For the 3rd  edition of this event organized by the association of traders of the Dauphin and Sports Committee, a […]

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A civilian helicopter crashed Saturday, road to Saint-Lyphard in Guerande

Guerande: A Helicopter Crashes in a Cornfield

This Saturday, 2.15pm, a civilian helicopter crashed in a cornfield at Saint-Lyphard road in Guérande. Six people were aboard the craft. This Saturday at 2.15pm, a civilian helicopter of Héliberté airline crashed in a cornfield on Saint-Lyphard road at Guérande. The vehicle fell 300m hitting the ground at the farm: Lily’s ark. The helicopter was carrying six […]

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Unemployment in the Loire-Atlantique rose in July

Unemployment on the Rise in July in Loire-Atlantique

In July, the number of job seekers with little or no work at all, rose 1.4% in July from the previous month in the Loire-Atlantique department. It goes up. The monthly unemployment figures issued by the Pole emploi is not easy to interpret. The figures of July are not rosy. 1.4%. It is the increase in the number […]

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The 3 year old, supported by the fire department and the ambulance from Croisic, and transported to hospital in Saint-Nazaire, Pays de la Loire

Pays de la Loire: 3 Year Old Falls into Deep End of Pool at Campsite

This Saturday, August 19th, at 5.45pm, the situation could have turned turn into a tragedy at the Paludiers campsite in Batz-sur-Mer, Loire-Atlantique in the Pays de la Loire. This Saturday, August 19th, at 5.45pm, the situation could have turned turn into a tragedy at the Paludiers campsite in Batz-sur-Mer, Loire-Atlantique in the Pays de la […]

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The orange alert, heatwave warning continues in the Loire Atlantique

Loire Atlantique still on Heatwave Orange Alert

This month, could be among the five hottest months of June since 1900 in the Loire Atlantique. Since the weekend, the heat wave has settled. The heat wave is expected to last until Thursday 22nd June Temperatures will continue to rise early this week, reaching 35.6° C.  The Loire Atlantique department was placed on orange alert […]

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14635 students are taking their Bac this year in the Loire Atlantique

14635 Students Taking Their BAC this Year in Loire Atlantique

The bac exams have already started, with the different options. But it’s really starting on Thursday that the marathon of the Bac. With the philosophy and Technology for candidates for general 8357 students come to the general baccalaureate, all segments combined, in the Loire Atlantique. They are in 2710 for the technology Bac and 3568 for the professional […]

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