Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Darmanin asks to ban demonstrations for Palestine planned in Paris on Saturday

Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Darmanin Asks to Ban Demonstrations for Palestine Planned in Paris on Saturday

PROTEST: In a telegram sent to all the prefects, the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin asks them to “anticipate the risks of overflow” with the demonstration in support of Palestine Gérald Darmanin decided. The Minister of the Interior on Thursday asked the Paris police prefect to ban the demonstration of support for the Palestinian people scheduled for Saturday in […]

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Coronavirus: Pfizer vaccine 94% effective, Israeli study finds

Coronavirus: Pfizer Vaccine 94% Effective, Israeli Study Finds

PANDEMIC: In Israel, 2.4 million people have already received their second dose of the vaccine, and the country hopes to have vaccinated its entire population by the end of March. Against the coronavirus epidemic, Israel has bet since mid-December on a massive vaccination campaign. A study carried out on a million people vaccinated shows the efficacy of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine of 94%. According to […]

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Israel fears a vaccine resistant coronavirus Covid-19 mutation

Covid-19: Israel Fears a New Vaccine-Resistant Mutation

“Mass vaccination could “put ‘evolutionary pressure’ on the virus and generate mutations,” according to a report. This is one of the possible side effects of mass vaccination in this country: it could promote the emergence of an Israeli variant of the vaccine-resistant coronavirus, reports a task force led by the Israeli army, in a study […]

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Netherlands wins Eurovision, disappointment for France and Bilal Hassani

Eurovision: the Netherlands Winners, Disappointment for France and Bilal Hassani

In the Eurovision final on Saturday night in Tel Aviv, France finished 14th out of 26. The Netherlands and Duncan Laurence, favourites, won The Netherlands and Duncan Laurence won the competition of Eurovision on Sunday 19th May, 2019 with the ballad “Arcade” . The glittering and boisterous finale, held in Tel Aviv, did not escape politics and […]

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Madonna will sing at Eurovision 2019

Eurovision 2019: After “Tense” Days, Madonna Signed her Contract to Sing in the Final

MUSIC: The American star, Madonna will sing two songs Saturday on the Eurovision 2019 stage in Tel Aviv When, in early April, the Israeli media announced that Madonna would sing during the Eurovision 2019 Song Contest, it was thought the news was official. But this week, on the side of the press room of the contest, there was some doubt about […]

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Bilal Hassani during his second rehearsal on the Eurovision stage, May 12, 2019

Eurovision 2019: In the Top 3 Favourites for the Victory, Bilal Hassani Wants to Keep a Cool Head

MUSIC: Present in the Top 5 bookmakers since Saturday, the French representative, Bilal Hassani joined the Top 3 this Sunday in the wake of his second rehearsal on stage Bilal Hassani will represent France in the final of Eurovision, which will be broadcast live on France 2, Saturday, 18th May from 9pm. With his song “Roi”, […]

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More than 140 artists call to boycott the 2019 edition in Israel

Eurovision: More than 140 Artists call to Boycott the 2019 Edition in Israel

140 international artists have signed a petition in support of the call of Palestinian artists to boycott the 2019 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Israel … A further upsurge in the organisation of Eurovision 2019. As Israel prepares to host the 64th Eurovision Song Contest in May 2019, more than 140 international artists have […]

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France condems violence in the Gaza after the death of 55 Palestinians

Gaza. France Condemns “Violence” after the Death of 55 Palestinians

The Elysee Palace on Monday condemned the deadly clashes that took place on Monday at the Gaza border. At least 55 Palestinians were killed by the Israeli army during protests against the inauguration of the US embassy in Jerusalem. France condemned Monday the “violence” in Gaza after the death of 55 Palestinians killed by the Israeli army during demonstrations and […]

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More than 150 Parliamentarians demand Hollande recognise the State of Palestine

More than 150 Parliamentarians ask Hollande to Recognize the State of Palestine

MIDDLE EAST: “France has its will to break the deadlock on this conflict,” write 154 MPs and senators from all sides to the president … “Mr. President, do you show up to the challenge and do not miss this appointment with history,” write the parliamentarians. In a letter to François Hollande , and passed this […]

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Hollande and Sarkozy will share plane to the funeral of Shimon Peres

Hollande and Sarkozy share a Plane to attend the Funeral of Shimon Peres

Funeral: The two men had traveled to South Africa separately after the death of Nelson Mandela … Although the conversation will be slow and awkward, The President and former President of the Republic, Francois Hollande and Nicolas sarkozy, will indeed share a plane to attend the funeral of Shimon Peres, reveals the newspaper, Le Parisien. […]

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