Ramadan will start Tuesday, confirms the Great Mosque of Paris

Islam: Ramadan Will Start Tuesday, Confirms the Great Mosque of Paris

RELIGION: Ramadan will end with Eid al-Fitr, the “feast of breaking the fast” which will take place on May 13th. The month of Ramadan, which takes place once again in the particular context linked to the pandemic, will begin on Tuesday in France, the Grand Mosque of Paris said on Sunday. The head of the mosque Chems-eddine Hafiz […]

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In Colmar, a man drives into the Grand Mosque

Colmar: A Man Drives Vehicle into the Grand Mosque

A man deliberately drove his car this Saturday 21st September 21 into the entrance of the Grand Mosque of Colmar. There was no casualty, except himself. A man has intentionally driven his car into the entrance to the Grand Mosque of Colmar (Haut-Rhin) this Saturday 21st September 2019. It was around 8 pm when the facts occurred. According to […]

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Activists bathe in burkini in Paris

Activists Bathe in Burkini and Cause the Closure of a Swimming Pool in Paris

Activists have caused the closure of a swimming pool in Paris on Sunday after bathing in a burkini. They want access to pools “as Muslim women” Fifteen activists feminists and Muslims have caused the closure of a swimming pool in Paris Sunday after bathing in a burkini, to protest against the ban on this controversial covering swimsuit. The small […]

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A man from Rennes has been arrested on suspicion of radicalisation

Rennes: A Man Suspected of Radicalisation Arrested

This Saturday, the police intervened in the raid of an apartment in Rennes, near the eastern cemetery in Rennes. The occupant was arrested in Saint-Malo. Since the beginning of the afternoon on Saturday, the Auguste-Pavie street, in the eastern cemetery area, Rennes, is sealed off by the police. With the help of an elite unit […]

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Attacks against religious groups in france is on the increase, especially against Muslims in France

The anti-Muslim Acts “tripled” in 2015, according Cazeneuve

The Interior Minister says anti-Semitic acts remained “at a high level” and that the anti-Muslim acts “tripled” in 2015 … The Interior Minister has delivered, in an interview published Tuesday on the website of the newspaper La Croix, new figures on xenophobic acts (actions and threats) in France. Anti-Semitic acts remained “at a high level” […]

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Cazeneuve asks "the commitment of all the Muslims of France" for the Republic

Cazeneuve asks “The Commitment of all the Muslims of France” for the Republic

CITIZENSHIP The Minstre of Interior visited this Saturday at a mosque in Saint-Ouen Alms …  “The Republic needs more than ever, commitment of all Muslims of France,” said Bernard Cazeneuve on Saturday, invited to share a “tea brotherhood” at the mosque in Saint-Ouen Alms (Val -d’oise), during open days. Throughout France, Saturday and Sunday, the […]

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Manual Valls has proposed the closure of radical mosques

Attacks in Paris: Valls: “close the mosques that are attacking the values ​​of the Republic”

Mosques and radical associations “who attack the values ​​of the Republic” should be closed Manuel Valls said on Monday morning. Mosques and radical associations “who attack the values ​​of the Republic” must be closed, said Prime Minister Manuel Valls, earlier today, Monday on RTL, three days after the deadly attacks in Paris.  “Il faut fermer les […]

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