From 2008 to 2016, average disposable income dropped by 440 euros per household.

Households Lost 440 Euros of Income Between 2008 and 2016

This decline in income is explained by social and fiscal reforms and concerns the middle class, according to a study by the French Observatory of Economic Conditions. This is information that should fuel social discontent  against the rise in taxes and the decline in purchasing power, in the midst of the movement of yellow vests . French households lost […]

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Finance Minister michel sapin has explained how the new thresholds for Auto-Entrepreneurs will work

Auto-entrepreneurs: Government wants to Smooth the Effects of Threshold, not Triple the Ceiling, according Sapin

Finance Minister Michel Sapin said Wednesday that … Finance Minister Michel Sapin said Wednesday that his bill provided to smooth the effects of the threshold for auto-entrepreneurs not tripled the ceiling to qualify for this status, as had been mentioned in the press. “The idea advanced by some employers’ organizations, not by Mr Macron is […]

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