The body and clothing hygiene of the French deteriorates during confinement.

During confinement, the French wash less often

The daily toilet, change of underwear … there is carelessness with personal hygiene during confinement. Especially in older and isolated men. Details. “Clean hands, dirty briefs…” This is the observation made by the French Institute of Public Opinion (Ifop) in a survey carried out for 24 Matins *. While the Coronavirus Covid-19 health crisis involves new actions, such as washing them regularly […]

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Parents of a school in Toulouse are demanding action after the presence of Rats

Toulouse: The Presence of Rats in a School create Panic of Parents

Parents blocked the entrance of a public school to announce the presence of rats. Treatment by the city is being …   Many students of the Louise-Michel school in the Toulouse neighborhood of La Faourette skipped school on Monday. Some parents have in effect blocked the entrance to the facility at 8:30 am to report […]

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