Anti-poverty associations fear the return of the homeless to the streets after the end of the trêve hivernale, in the midst of a coronavirus epidemic.

Faced with Coronavirus, the Restos du Coeur ask to Postpone the End of the Trêve Hivernale

Restos du Coeur and other anti-poverty associations are concerned about the poorest returning to the streets on March 31st in the context of the spread of the coronavirus. Are the homeless the great forgotten in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus? While they belong to the category of the most fragile people, there has been little question of […]

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Marie De Jesus Ribeiro, 72, lives in her car in Puteaux (Hauts-de-Seine).

Expelled From Her Home at 72, This Retiree is Forced to Live in Her Car

For a year, Marie De Jesus Ribeiro lives in her car, in Puteaux (Hauts-de-Seine). While waiting for social housing, she does not intend to leave the municipality A 1996 Nissan Micra, parked on a square of a damp, innocent car park, in the second basement of a building in downtown Puteaux (Hauts-de-Seine). On the back seat, a blanket covers the seats, […]

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Snow and ice causing problems throughout France

Snow and Ice Storm: Difficult Traffic in the South, 56 Departments in Orange Alert

The episode of snow and ice continues and reaches the north of the country, this Thursday morning. In the south of France, up to 30 cm fell, causing big disturbances on the roads. The snow is expected Thursday, March 1st on the north of France after disrupting transport and blocked many motorists on the roads and highways […]

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Meteo france has placed nine departments on Orange alert for Snow and Ice

Weather: Nine Departments of the South in Orange Alert for Snow and Ice

Meteo France has placed this Tuesday afternoon nine departments of the south of France in orange alert for snow and ice Three-quarters of the country are now under the Cold weather plan: authorities and associations are on alert in France this Tuesday 27th February, 2018, the day that promises to be the coldest of this winter, with a priority, […]

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A homeless man dies from the cold wave currently over France

Auffreville-Brasseuil: A Homeless Man Dies of the Cold in his Hut, in the Forest

On Friday, a 62-year-old homeless man was found dead in a forest near Mantes-la-Jolie. The cold is certainly the cause of his death Alain had made his home on the edge of the forest, next to a field that borders the D983 at Auffreville-Brasseuil . He lived in a tiny makeshift hut, a heap of sheet metal where he had room to put […]

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Weather: Homeless Person Probably Dead from Cold in the Southeast, Temperatures Drop in the Northeast 1

Weather: Homeless Person Probably Dead from Cold in the Southeast, Temperatures Drop in the Northeast

The Siberian cold wave begins to be felt Sunday afternoon. A homeless person was found dead in Valence, probably victim of the cold wave. Up to -10 ° C, felt -18 ° C: a cold came from Siberia to France on Sunday afternoon, with “cold minimum” temperatures in the East , according to Meteo France, and a first likely victim […]

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The prefecture of Vendée announced this Friday the opening of additional emergency places for the homeless because of falling temperatures.

Cold Wave: In the Vendée, Emergency Places Opened for the Homeless

While a cold snap will affect France next week, additional places are open in the Vendée for the homeless. A total of 128 emergency places for the homeless are available in Vendée. The 104 places of emergency accommodation mobilized since the 1st November 2017, plus the Vendée prefecture has just announced an additional 24 places will now be available so that an episode of cold will befall […]

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Departments in Normabdy are on a Yellow warning for snow and ice

Weather: Snow and ice, the cold settles in Normandy

Orne, Calvados and Manche are under a yellow warning for snow and ice during the night. Seine-Maritime prefecture triggered the alert “cold weather”. Three departments under snow and ice warning The cold settles in Normandy. In the night from Wednesday 8th to Thursday, February 9, 2017, the former Lower Normandy is under yellow alert for […]

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Freezing temperatures have seized almost all of France on Wednesday morning, resulting in the implementation of preventive measures

Weather: Cold Wave is here, Authorities on Alert

Preventive measures will be implemented this Wednesday morning at a ministerial meeting at the Elysee as the cold wave affects France. Because today, frosts will extend to the tip of Brittany. Such an episode is unprecedented since the cold half of February 2012. Freezing temperatures this Tuesday seized almost all of France, as the expected […]

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National monitoring established for the expected cold wave of weather across France

Cold Wave: Government launches “National Monitoring”

The government has set up a “national daily monitoring,” in anticipation of a cold wave of weather announced for next week on the country by Meteo France. A daily report will be established with the prefects. The daily national monitoring implemented today will better anticipate additional needs during this extraordinary time and engage in real-time […]

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