Callicarpa is also called the candy tree. But beware, its berries are not edible.

These Five Berry Shrubs that Decorate our Gardens in Winter

You know the holly and the mistletoe but there are other more unusual shrubs that display bright berries… To install in plain view to enjoy the show! Violet bays: the callicarpa It is called the candy tree (although its berries are not edible) or callicarpa bodinieri: this deciduous shrub surprises with the density of its perfectly round purple […]

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public parks and gardens are closed due to a weather alert, in Toulouse

Toulouse: Wind, Risk of Hail: Parks and Gardens Closed due to a Weather Alert

Thursday 25th April, 2019, the parks and public gardens of the city are closed due to a weather alert. Gusts of wind and hail are expected in Toulouse. Thursday 25th April, 2019, “due to a weather alert for winds over 80km/h, the parks and gardens of the city are gradually closed from midday,” said the mayor of Toulouse in […]

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The gardens will be closed from 3.30pm in Toulouse, because of the strong winds announced this Monday, April 9, 2018.

Toulouse: Thunderstorms and Strong Winds Reported, Public Gardens Closed

While gusts of wind at 60 km/h and stormy showers are expected in Toulouse, Monday 9th April, 2018, in the afternoon, the gardens and parks at risk were closed. According to the forecasts of Météo France , the sky of Toulouse will not stay sunny very long, Monday 9th April, 2018. From 5pm, it is stormy showers that should be falling […]

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Weather: Risk of Hail on Toulouse, Public Gardens Closed 1

Weather: Risk of Hail on Toulouse, Public Gardens Closed

Meteo France is forecasting a hailstorm event in Toulouse on Friday 16th March, 2018. The Toulouse town hall has decided to close public gardens at risk from 4 pm. The weather will deteriorate in Toulouse . Meteo France forecasts a hail hazard from 4 pm in Toulouse, today, Friday 16th March 16, 2018. Gusts of wind at 75 km/h are also expected. A yellow […]

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Municipal gardens are closed for Saturday in Toulouse due to high winds

Toulouse: Gardens Closed Saturday due to High Winds

Toulouse Council announced on Friday the closure of its gardens “at risk” because of the weather for Saturday 20th January, 2018. With wind gusts announced more than 70 km/h, for this Saturday 20th January, 2018, the municipality of Toulouse has announced this Friday 19th January, 2018 the closing of its public gardens “at risk”. Those should reopen as of Sunday […]

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At Laval in the Mayenne, the weekend offers the 3rd "Go to the Gardens"

Laval: The program of “Go to the Gardens” on Saturday and Sunday

The 3rd edition of “Go to the gardens” whose theme is “Sharing the Garden” takes place Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th June 2017. In Laval, the garden of Perrine are provided lots of free activities to of all. The visits  Guided tours: show up at the entrance of the garden of Perrine at the pool […]

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Many councils are starting to adapt to not using pesticides before the law change in 2017

Pesticides: Without Waiting for 2017, Municipalities have their Green Revolution

Maintain the gardens and public parks without using … Maintain the gardens and public parks without using pesticides? Hundreds of towns have already done but in nine months, the law will impose this green revolution to all local authorities, despite the reluctance of many elected officials. “We often come up against the argument: this is […]

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