A Vega rocket takes off in September 2020

Vega Rocket: Human Error Caused Mission Failure

SPACE: The vega rocket deviated from its path eight minutes after takeoff The young European rocket Vega suffered the second failure in its history on Tuesday by losing the two satellites it carried just after takeoff, due to a problem during the manufacture of the launcher, assembled in Italy. Eight minutes after a successful takeoff from the Kourou space centre in […]

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The Ariane 5 rocket takes off from Kourou on July 25, 2018.

Ariane 5 Launched for the 100th Time

Arianespace successfully launched the 100th Ariane 5 rocket from the Kourou base in French Guiana. The European heavy launcher Ariane 5, with a mass of 780 tonnes on take-off, has placed two telecommunications satellites in orbit, Horizons 3e for Intelsat and its partner SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation and Azerspace-2 / Intelsat 38 for Azercosmos and Intelsat, Arianespace […]

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Ariane 5 rocket launches two Satellites but into the wrong place

Ariane 5: The Two Satellites were Sent into Orbit … But not in the Right Place

The two telecommunications satellites on board the European Ariane 5 which took off from French Guiana, was put into orbit, not the right place. The two telecommunications satellites on board the European Ariane 5 which took off Thursday from French Guiana, was put into orbit, but not in the right place. Arianespace  however hoped a future “repositioning of […]

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