40% of respondents say they are against wearing a mask outdoors in Évreux (Eure)

Covid-19 Survey. Évreux Divided on the Wearing of a Mask Outdoors

40% of those polled are against wearing a mask outdoors, while several cities have already taken the decision to make it compulsory in certain crowded places. The inhabitants of Évreux (Eure) are divided. In a survey published on Tuesday 4th August 2020 on our Facebook page and entitled ”  For or against wearing a mask outdoors  “, many […]

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Fire in Evreux: seven wounded, one critical

Fire in Evreux: Seven Wounded, One Critical

A fire broke out on Tuesday 28th May, on the top floor of a building on Josephine Street, Evreux. There are seven victims, including one in absolute urgency. Update at 4pm:  The assessment prepared by the relief reports seven wounded, including one in absolute urgency. The other victims are slightly affected, only inconvenienced by the smoke. In total, […]

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Two gendarmes near Evreux in the Eure were slightly injured in a road traffic accident.

Near Evreux, a Van Hits a Car of the Gendarmerie: Two Wounded Gendarmes

In Bonneville-sur-Iton, near Evreux (Eure), a van hit a police vehicle on Tuesday 7th May, 2019. Two gendarmes were slightly injured. On Tuesday 7th May, 2019, at 11.20 pm, a van hit a police vehicle on rue Jorel in Bonneville-sur-Iton , near Évreux (Eure) , before fleeing. Two minor injuries Two gendarmes, a 38-year-old man and a 35-year-old woman, were slightly injured and transported to the […]

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At Evreux, students and teachers help a family

Evreux: High School Students and Teachers Help a Family

Exposed to a new obligation to leave the territory, two high school girls from Aristide-Briand are fighting with their families alongside high school students and teachers of their institution. Naomi and Ruth Tshibangu are respectively in first and second year at the Aristide-Briand high school in Évreux  Exemplary pupils, they are schooled in Evreux since their arrival in France, 5 […]

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A warning for particles in the air for Normandy on December 1st

Normandy: Alert to the Particles in the Eure and Seine-Maritime

Air Normand warns against exceeding the threshold of suspended particles, for the day Thursday 1st December 2016, for Eure and Seine-Maritime. Vulnerable people (pregnant women, infants and young children, people over 65 years old, asthmatic or suffering from cardiovascular diseases) should limit physical activity and sport as outdoors and indoors. All information is to be found on […]

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There are some shortages for fuel in the Normandy due to blockages of the refineries

Normandy: Fuel Shortage Threatens in Some Sectors

After the blockages that have caused difficulties to supply service stations, fuel delivery should resume, although could remain difficult. Seine-Maritime prefecture is on alert on fuel sourcing difficulties noted above in the Le Havre region and the whole department. “On Tuesday early evening, fuel operators were warned by distributors the possibility of delivery in the […]

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Farm building destroyed by fire near L'Aigle in Normandy

Near L’Aigle, Fire in a Farm Building

A farm building was destroyed by fire Saturday night in Neaufles-Auvergny, in Normandy, 15 km from L’Aigle. A fire started in a barn in Neaufles-Auvergny, in Eure, on Saturday 16th April, at around 8.30pm, reported Normandy news . The 600 m2 agricultural building and equipment were destroyed by fire. Thirty fire fighters were mobilized and three […]

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