The Eiffel Tower in Paris was Evacuated due to a suicide attempt

Eiffel Tower Evacuated Because of a Suicide Attempt

PARIS: The man finally gave up his suicide attempt and the monument has reopened Friday night .. All ended well. The Eiffel Tower was “completely evacuated” on Friday night because of “the presence of a young man on a pillar of the tower threatening to commit suicide,” announced the company operating the Eiffel Tower (Sete). Communiqué de […]

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(Photo illustration) 150 hectares have been ravaged by fire near Aubagne, Bouches-du-Rhône on 19 August.

Bouches-du-Rhône: Fire Broke Out around Aubagne, Residents Confined to their Homes

The south of France continues to be ravaged by fires. Saturday afternoon around Aubagne (Bouches-du-Rhône) a new forest fire broke out. Significant rescue equipment have been mobilized. Residents were forced to be confined to their homes, others were evacuated. At 20:30, 150 hectares have been ravaged by the flames, according to the CODIS, the Operational Center Fire and rescue […]

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1500 hectares have been burnt from fires in Corsica

Fires in Corsica: 1500 Hectares Burnt, 700 People Evacuated

Two major fires during Friday night Sisco and in Balagne (Corsica) have destroyed 1500 hectares and the evacuation of more than 700 people, no casualties Both fires still ongoing Friday night in Sisco and Balagne and have destroyed 1,500 hectares, and the evacuation of 700 people.  Two fires The first fire party on the night […]

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Some 500 hectares of pine forest and scrubland, and a house burned, on Wednesday, in the Hérault in a fire. The fire caused the evacuation of 400 people.

Fire in the Hérault: 500 Hectares Burned and 400 People Evacuated

Some 500 hectares of pine forest and scrubland, and a house burned on Wednesday, near the towns of Saint-Pons-de-Mauchiens and Villeveyrac in the Hérault in a fire. The fire caused the evacuation of 400 people. The fire broke out around 3pm, before being “contained” at around 8.30pm. A fire ravaged this Wednesday, some 500 hectares of pine forest and scrubland, […]

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The Paris Hospital, Georges-Pompidou has been evacuated

Paris Bomb Threat: The Georges-Pompidou Hospital Evacuated after an Anonymous Call

Following an anonymous call to the Paris hospital, part of the Pompidou hospital was evacuated … After receiving an anonymous call, part of the European Hospital Georges Pompidou was evacuated and momentary closed Friday for a bomb threat. And, as a precaution.  The security forces during the operation. Décision de fermeture de l’@HopitalPompidou par précaution […]

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Rennes metro users were evacuated on foot through the tunnel.

Rennes: The Subway Down, Users Walk through the Tunnel

Surprises, Friday morning, for the users of the metro line A in Rennes. It was interrupted at 8.24am  for technical reasons. The resumption of traffic will take time because users have been evacuated into the tunnel. Line A metro Rennes no longer circulating from 8.24am, Friday morning, following a “technical incident” . Occurring at a […]

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The Lycée Charles-Peguy at Gorges, was evacuated after the possibility of an explosion

Gorges: The lycée Charles-Péguy Evacuated

An incident with a welding torch led this morning to the evacuation of the Lycée Charles-Peguy. Security Perimeter and traffic banned for 2 hours. As the cultural centre of the lycée Charles Peguy Gorge is under construction, an incident occurred this Wednesday at 8.30am. Two workers who were working with a torch saw it trigger a flashback. […]

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A suspect baggage caused the evacuation of halls 3 and 4 at Nantes Atlantique Airport

Nantes: Alert Suspicious Package at Nantes Atlantique Airport

Halls 3 and 4 were evacuated for an hour on Monday morning … Traffic at Nantes Atlantique Airport was disrupted on Monday morning after a suspicious package alert.  Abandoned luggage was spotted at around 9:15am in Hall 4, which meant an evacuation of the whole of hall 4.  A few later the evacuation also included […]

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