The confinement of the elderly is ruled out by the government.

Covid-19: The Government Dismisses an Imposed Confinement for the Elderly

It was the government spokesman, Gabriel Attal, who excluded this hypothesis of an imposed confinement, Sunday 8th November in an interview. Government spokesman Gabriel Attal has ruled out confinement imposed on the elderly in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic while wishing that the French should not celebrate Christmas “by video”. “There is no question for us of […]

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Confinement in nursing homes protects the elderly against the coronavirus but can lead to a state of distress that is sometimes fatal

Confinement in Ehpad: restore family visits so as not to die of grief

Confined, the elderly suffer from isolation. In order not to allow them to waste away, the professionals request the return, supervised, of family visits. The confinement in nursing homes protects the elderly against the coronavirus but sometimes leads to a state of distress which can be fatal, hence the importance of restoring family links, insist professionals and […]

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According to the Scientific Council, 18 million people at risk will have to remain in confinement after May 11

Coronavirus Covid-19: 18 Million People will be Confined after May 11th, says Scientific Council

People at risk from Coronavirus Covid-19 will not be able to benefit from deconfinement after May 11th, 2020, said the president of the Scientific Council. Since Monday 13th April 2020, everyone knows that the confinement is extended until May 11th. But then what should we expect? If the question does not find an immediate clear answer, the president […]

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According to the European Union, the elderly could remain confined until the end of 2020.

Coronavirus Covid-19: Will the Elderly be Confined in Europe until the End of 2020?

According to the European Union, the elderly, a population vulnerable to Coronavirus Covid-19, could remain confined until the end of 2020, for lack of a vaccine. n an interview with the German daily Bild, the President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen warned: contacts with the elderly in Europe will have to be limited until at least […]

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Massive screening for Covid-19 will take place in nursing homes, as soon as a case of contamination is confirmed.

Coronavirus Covid-19: A Massive Screening Operation Launched in Ehpad

A massive Coronavirus Covid-19 screening operation will take place systematically in nursing homes, at the time of the appearance of the first confirmed case in residents. It’s now official: there will be a massive screening of Coronavirus Covid-19 in nursing homes, among residents – the most vulnerable – as well as all staff. An announcement made […]

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Minister of Healmth, Agnès Buzyn to anticipate the heatwave

Heatwave: The Minister of Health Anticipates the Hot Weather by requesting the Identification of “Cool Places”

DEADLY WEATHER: Agnès Buzyn, Minister of Health, prefers safe than sorry … Alert hot weather! On the occasion of the activation of the plan for a heatwave, each beginning of June, the  Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn , announced that it had asked the mayors to make a “census” of places such as libraries, where vulnerable people could go to […]

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