Payments on the Internet: The SMS to validate the purchases will disappear at the end of 2020

Payments on the Internet: The SMS to Validate the Purchases will Disappear at the End of 2020

SECURITY: The objective of the European Banking Authority is to reduce the number of frauds on online payments by credit card Starting in 2021, banks and merchants will no longer be able to offer SMS authentication for online payments . The European Banking Authority (EBA) has announced that it left until 31st December 2020 to set up a strong […]

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With Brexit, 23 cities are competing for European Agencies

Brexit: 23 Cities Want to Host EU Agencies

No less than 23 cities have applied to host the European Medicines Agency and the European Banking Authority. The two European agencies will leave London after Brexit. At stake ? Promising economic benefits. “We too have a chic queen” , the Dutch launched their video extolling the merits of Amsterdam and its fish and chips. The city wants to host […]

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