Demonstrators gathered in Rennes on Tuesday, November 17, to protest against the proposed law on comprehensive security.

Law on “Global Security”: Why the Debates on the Regulation of Drones Promise to be Tense in the Assembly

SURVEILLANCE: The deputies examine from this Tuesday evening the proposed law on “global security”, carried by two deputies of the majority A sling, led by unions of journalists and associations for the defense of freedoms, protested against one of the flagship measures of the proposed law on “global security”, which aims to punish the dissemination of […]

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To improve road safety, police are deploy drones

Road safety: Drones Will Monitor Your Speed from the Air

In order to monitor dangerous behaviour on the roads, drones have made a smashing entry into the arsenal of law enforcement. A device dedicated to generally used throughout France You are in the habit of being wary of fixed speed cameras or unmarked cars parked on the side of the roads and junctions, now you have to … watch […]

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The pilots of drones will have to validate a training to be able to pilot a device of more than 800 grams, as of the autumn of 2018.

You Fly Drones? Training will be Compulsory from 14 Years Old from September

The handlers of recreational Drones and UAVs will have to participate in a training, from 14 years old, from September 2018. It concerns only devices of 800 grams and more. Twenty questions to learn to fly a recreational drone. The ministry in charge of transport will set up at the beginning of the school year “a compulsory […]

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Futurapolis Festival arrives in Toulouse

Toulouse: Virtual Rugby, Cybersex and Travel to Mars … The Futurapolis Festival Arrives !

Festival of innovation, Futurapolis held in Toulouse Friday, 24th and Saturday, 25th November 2017. Innovations that the public can test in a large ephemeral lab of 700 m2. Schedule a genetically modified super baby, think about the city of tomorrow and discover the solar briefcase, traveling by air taxi, imagine a vertical farming or discuss […]

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