Actor Bruce Willis suffers from dementia, family announces

Actor Bruce Willis Suffers From Dementia, Family Announces

DISEASE: The American actor, Bruce Willis, put an end to his career last year, due to aphasia. But according to his doctors, his health problems have worsened and he now suffers from an incurable form of dementia. Bad news for fans of Die Hard, Sixth Sense or Unbreakable. The illness of Bruce Willis, who ended his career in the spring of 2022 due to […]

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A suspected case of coronavirus 2019-nCov was taken care of by SOS Doctors in Bordeaux (Gironde)

Coronavirus: A Patient Hospitalised in Bordeaux for Suspicious Symptoms after a Stay in China

This Thursday 23rd January 2020, a suspected case of coronavirus 2019-nCov was taken care of by SOS Doctors in Bordeaux (Gironde). The patient, originally from China, was hospitalised. A suspected case of 2019-nCov coronavirus has been identified in Bordeaux (Gironde). This Thursday 23rd January, SOS Doctors took care of a patient, originally from China where the virus has spread, who had […]

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A maintenance officer passes disinfectant at Hankou station in Wuhan (China) on January 22,

Virus in China: Wuhan, at the Heart of the Mysterious Epidemic, Quarantine

The Chinese authorities decided on Thursday 23rd January 2020 to place in quarantine the metropolis of Wuhan, in the centre of the country, from which the epidemic started which left 17 dead. China is taking great measures against the new coronavirus which has started to spread to the rest of the world, de facto quarantining as of […]

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Virus in China, transmission between humans confirmed

Virus in China: Transmission Between Humans Confirmed, Other Countries Affected

More than 200 cases, including three fatal ones, have been identified in China after the appearance of a virus of the SARS family, which continues to spread. Beijing in the north, Shanghai in the east and Shenzhen in the south: the mysterious disease from central China has spread to the giant metropolises of the most populous country […]

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A four year old girl dies of Tuberculosis in Brittany

Brittany: A 4 year old Girl Dies of Tuberculosis

A screening campaign was launched in the school … A girl of 4 years old has died of tuberculosis at the end of last week at the South Hospital of Rennes, reports Ouest-France . A native of Vilde-Guingalan town near Dinan (Côtes d’Armor), the child was hospitalized after being infected with the tuberculosis bacillus and […]

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