Spring like temperatures expected in Brittany

Weather:Spring Temperatures Expected in Brittany, up to 20° C This Week

Temperatures will rise from Thursday, February 21st until the end of the weekend. In Brittany, they should know the season’s records Spring arrives early in Brittany . The region will experience exceptional temperatures for the season starting Thursday 21st February. These weather conditions should be maintained until the end of the month. While regional averages for February are between 9 ° C for Lower Brittany […]

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The villa Beauregard in Dinard was renovated in 1996.

The Villa Where Picasso Stayed in Dinard is for Sale on the Internet

Villa Beauregard, which Dinard has inherited, goes on sale at auction on the Internet from Friday 22 June. The exceptional home is expected to sell for 1.15 million euros. A gift fallen from the sky. That’s what happened to the city of Dinard last Autumn when she learned that one of its residents, René Le Sage, who died in September 2017, […]

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Monica Bellucci will be the next president of the Dinard Film Festival, from 26 to 30 September 2018.

Dinard: Monica Bellucci will be the Next President of the British Film Festival

The famous actress Monica Bellucci will chair the next Dinard Film Festival, to be held this year from 26th to 30th September Nice shot for the organizers of the  Dinard Film Festival , which will be held this year from 26th to 30th September 2018.  It is indeed the famous actress Monica Bellucci who will preside the event . A global icon […]

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A very serious accident occurred Saturday morning in Plouër-sur-Rance, at the entrance of Chateaubriant bridge on the N 176, killing three.

Plouer Sur Rance: Three Dead and Five Injured in Crash

A collision between two cars occurred around 5.30am  Saturday morning, on the N176, in Plouer-sur-Rance (Côtes d’Armor), near Dinan St. Malo. Three men died in the accident. A very serious accident occurred Saturday morning in Plouer-sur-Rance, at the entrance of Chateaubriant bridge on the N 176 on a portion limited to 90 km / h, […]

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