The CIA warned by the Netherlands of the destruction of Nord Stream

War in Ukraine: The CIA Warned by the Netherlands of the Destruction of Nord Stream

REVELATIONS: The CIA warned Ukraine “after receiving an alarming report from the Dutch military intelligence services (MIVD) who heard about the plans via a Ukrainian source” Doubts persist about the origin of the destruction of Nord Stream. But clues are emerging. Dutch military intelligence warned the CIA of a Ukrainian plan to blow up the Nord Stream gas pipeline three months […]

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Denmark suspends AstraZeneca vaccine as a precautionary measure.

Coronavirus in Denmark: Government Suspends AstraZeneca Vaccine as a Precaution

EPIDEMIC: The fears in Denmark are linked to the formation of blood clots in people who have been vaccinated with the AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine Suspension until further notice. The Danish health authority has stopped the use of the  AstraZeneca vaccine against Covid-19 as a precaution “after reports of serious cases of blood clots forming in people who have been vaccinated […]

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Denmark announces upcoming coronavirus digital vaccination passport

Denmark Announces Upcoming Digital Vaccination Passport

Denmark has announced the upcoming implementation of a digital vaccination passport to allow travellers to move around and ease health restrictions. The Danish government announced on February 3rd that it would develop a digital vaccination passport: this document would be used to travel to Denmark and to ease the health restrictions brought about by the […]

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Should we be worried about coronavirus mutation in Denmark Mink farm

Coronavirus: Should we be Concerned about the Transmission from Mink to Humans of a Mutant Strain of the Virus

PANDEMIC: Denmark has announced the slaughter of 15 to 17 million mink after the discovery of farms contaminated with a mutated version of the coronavirus In Denmark, farmed mink carry a mutating version of the coronavirus. A mutated version of the virus which is transmissible to humans, since a dozen human contaminations have been identified in […]

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A classroom in Gladsaxe, Denmark, Tuesday April 14, 2020

Coronavirus: Danish Schools Start Reopening After One Month of Closure

Schools shyly reopened this Wednesday 15th April in Denmark after a month of closure due to the coronavirus epidemic Denmark is the first European country to reopen its crèches, nursery and primary schools this Wednesday 15th April, after the introduction of restrictions on March 12th to stem the coronavirus epidemic. However, lessons resumed in only half of […]

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The French handball team celebrates its third place at the world championships on January 27, 2019.

Handball World Cup: France Snatch the Bronze Medal

The French team won the bronze medal at the World Handball Championship, Sunday 27th January, in Denmark. The Blues faced the Germans. The French have consoled themselves for their failure in the semi-finals by taking the bronze medal of the World Handball Championship at the expense of Germany , 26 to 25, Sunday in Herning (Denmark) , thanks to a goal from Nikola Karabatic at the […]

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France to fight for Bronze in Handball World Championship

Handball World Championship: France to Play for Bronze against Germany

Like last year at the Euro, the France team will try to hang a bronze medal at the Handball  world championship. A consolation prize after the sinking in 1/2 face Denmark. More than a defeat, a shipwreck : the French were swept by the Danes 38 to 30 , in the semi-finals of the World Handball Championship , Friday 25th January, […]

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Russia and Croatia qualify for the World Cup 2018 Quarter finals

World Cup 2018: Russia and Croatia in Quarter Final, in a fatal World Cup

Spain, crowned in 2010, was ejected by a surprising Russia, who will face in the quarter finals of “its” World Cup 2018, Croatia, victorious over Denmark. And another favourite on the carpet! Spain, crowned in 2010, was ejected by a surprising Russia, who will face in the quarter finals of “its” World Cup 2018, Croatia, who were victorious over […]

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Argentina will face France in the knockout stages of the World Cup 2018

World Cup 2018: Miraculously, Argentina will Face France in Knockout Stage

After a tense match against Nigeria, Argentina managed to qualify for the knockout round of World Cup 2018 and face France on Saturday. What end of match! Lionel Messi “did not think to suffer as much”, but Argentina qualified on the wire (2-1 against Nigeria).  She will face in the knockout rounds, France which had mixed results in the first […]

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The France vs Denmark match ended as a draw in World Cup 2018

World Cup 2018: France Draws Against Denmark, But Retains First Place

After a dull match, France and Denmark ended as a draw (0-0), Tuesday 26th June, in Moscow (Russia). Les Bleus still finish at the top of their group in the World Cup 2018 Rarely a draw has been so much: the team of France has fulfilled its goal to finish first place in Group C, Tuesday 26th June in […]

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