The State owns 100% EDF and its debt of 64.5 billion euros

The State Owns 100% EDF and its Debt of 64.5 Billion Euros

ENERGY: This Thursday, the government announced the finalization of the renationalization of EDF for an amount approaching ten billion euros Nearly a year after the government’s decision to renationalize EDF and despite the obstruction of small shareholders, the state again holds, since Thursday, 100% of the capital of the French electrician. The government will thus be able to relaunch nuclear […]

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What happens when a country cancels its debt

What Happens When You Cancel a Country’s Debt

A debt, in principle, is repaid. But since the French Revolution, examples of debt cancellation abound. And the health crisis could provide new ones. If you are lucky enough to have gone for a drink with your friends before the curfew, perhaps you participated in the now-classic debate: “Should we focus on health or the economy ?” And in this counter debate, […]

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Emmanuel Macron reassures Greek Prime minister on restructuring Greece debt

Macron Reiterated to Tsipras to want an Agreement to ease the Greek Debt

Emmanuel Macron reiterated this Monday to Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, during a telephone interview, wanting to “reach agreement soon to alleviate over time the burden of Greek debt,” said the entourage of the Head of State Finance ministers of the Eurozone meet today in Brussels to reach an agreement on a reduction of the […]

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France will have to tighten its belt with more austerity measures

For the Court of Auditors, France will have to tighten (seriously) the belt

AUSTERITY: The next government will carry out “efforts of unprecedented magnitude on spending,” says the Court of Auditors … If one believes the Court of Auditors, the Executive neighbor will no longer be content with curb rising public spending: it will have to stop it completely and even make clean cuts. In any case the claims […]

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