Telegram messenger victim of cyberattack, China suspected

Crisis in Hong Kong: Telegram Messenger Victim of Cyber attack, China Suspected

WEB: The encrypted messenger application, Telegram has been widely used by protesters in Hong Kong in recent days Is Beijing trying to cut the communication channels of protesters in Hong Kong?  The encrypted messenger Telegram was the victim of a major cyber attack that seems to come from China, said Thursday its co-founder on Twitter, making the link […]

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Internet alert as a large scale attack is underway

Internet: Alert on a Large-Scale Attack Underway

Massive cyber attacks are underway against internet domain names, an internet gendarme alerted Friday The international organisation that assigns Internet addresses (ICANN) warned Friday 22nd February, that massive computer attacks were underway against Internet domain names, which define the addresses of the sites, in the world. These computer attacks consist in “making unauthorised changes” in the addresses […]

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OVH, a French web hosting company based in Roubaix, was established in 1999. He suffered a massive attack from 18 to 23 September

The French host OVH, Victim of a “massive” Attack

From 18 to 23 September the French host OVH has had to deal with an attack “DDoS”, a denial-of-service attack, on an unprecedented scale. Unclear who was able to conduct this type of attack and all assumptions are on the table …  a competitor, a state or cybercriminals / hackers tempted by the attack of […]

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