A new local currency for Lorient soon to be launched

Lorient: The New Local Currency Soon on the Shelves?

No substitute for the euro, Segal, new local currency circulated late November in the Lorient region. The first ticket was presented Friday. A central library is the first to adopt it. The local currency, presented yesterday by the Blé Noir à la librairie,  When books are opened in Lorient, does not claim to outdo the euro, but wants to work […]

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The Euro has risen after the results of the first round have been announced

Presidential Result: The Euro Rose after the First Round

MARKETS: The euro hit a high for six months … The euro was up sharply on Sunday night on the Asian markets, after qualifying Sunday Emmanuel Macron and Le Pen in the second round of the presidential election. According to Reuters , the European currency was up 2% against the dollar: euro and dollar was worth […]

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Marine le pen wants a return to a local currency

Marine Le Pen Returns to the Idea of ​​Leaving the Euro

MONEY: The Front National leader wants a “national currency” for the French, possibly accompanied by a “common currency” for states and large companies … If Marine Le Pen was elected in May, the French are they left with not one, but two currencies? This Wednesday, on the plateau of Europe 1, the Front National candidate […]

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