Some ideas for cooking leeks

Gratins, Quiches, Pies… Some Ideas for Cooking Leeks

Did you know? Green and white are eaten in leeks. Don’t know how to cook them? Discover our zero-waste tips… What a pity to throw away the green of the leek! It is concentrated in vitamins and nutrients. It contains a lot of beta-carotene, vitamins C, B, and iron… “Yes, but it is impossible to eat”, will you answer us. Not […]

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The veal stew, a symbol of our grandmothers' dishes.

Cooking: Why Our Grandmother’s Slow-Cooked Dishes Always Appeal

Nothing better than a good grandmother’s recipe to warm up our kitchen. Dishes that we like to pass on to each other, dishes that evoke happy days … Virginie’s eyes shine when she talks about granny Adrienne’s blanquette of veal, it’s her madeleine de Proust. She remembers, with delight, the smell of blanquette cooking for long hours on low […]

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La plancha, the occasion for a convivial meal.

The Grilling Season is Launched, How to Choose a Plancha?

Gas or electric, with a cast iron or steel plate, what dimensions? The plancha is ideal for a light and balanced meal, provided you choose the right model. A quick-cooking, high temperature and without adding fat. This is the reason for the success of the plancha which arrived on the French market some ten years ago. On its plate, you can […]

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