Mutated Coronavirus in the United Kingdom is 50-74 percent more contagious

Coronavirus: The Mutated Coronavirus Detected in the United Kingdom is “50% to 74%” More Contagious

VIRUS: Study confirms the fears of the United Kingdom government over contagiousness of this mutant coronavirus The fears of the British government around the increased contagiousness of the new mutated variant of coronavirus detected on its soil a few days before the Christmas holidays were unfortunately well-founded. According to a study just put online, this new variant is well […]

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children less infected with coronavirus covid-19 and less contagious than adults, doctors say

Covid-19: Children Less Infected and Less Contagious than Adults, Doctors Say

A study carried out by French researchers on 605 young children reveals that they are not the main propagators of the new coronavirus covid-19. Contrary to a widespread idea at the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, children do not seem to be the main spreaders of the virus and seem less contagious than adults, according to the conclusions of […]

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Precautions against the coronavirus epidemic in Singapore, January 22, 2020.

Chinese Virus: Three Cases of Coronavirus Confirmed in France

The coronavirus, responsible for 41 deaths in China according to a last provisional assessment, arrived in France. Three patients are affected, in Bordeaux and Paris. Three cases of the new Chinese coronavirus were “confirmed” in France, on patients hospitalized in Paris and Bordeaux, announced Friday 25th January 2020 in the evening the French health authorities, stressing that these were […]

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Highly Contagious Disease, Scabies is on the Rise 1

Highly Contagious Disease, Scabies is on the Rise

HEALTH: Shameful disease for some, the itch has not disappeared from our country. This highly contagious disease is related to the presence of a parasite.  In recent years, the itch has come back in some departments. Staff of a clinic in Montauban, children from a nursery school, nursing home residents, many victims whio are suffering from scabies, […]

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