Presidential election in the United States: a Republican will block the certification of Joe Biden victory

Presidential Election in the United States: a Republican will Block the Certification of Joe Biden’s Victory

SUPPORT: Senator Josh Hawley is the first to tell the majority Republican upper house that he will object to the certification of the presidential result Several Republican elected officials of the House of Representatives, controlled by the Democrats, have already announced that they intended to object to the certification of the Democrat’s victory, still contested by Donald Trump. But Senator […]

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Donald Trump on December 3, 2020 in the Oval Office of the White House.

US Presidential: Alternative Voters, 12th Amendment … Is a Miracle Still Possible for Donald Trump?

UNITED STATES:  Even if the US president, Donald Trump refuses to throw in the towel and his allies in Congress are zealous on January 6th, it is now a waste of time after the electoral college vote When one branch cracks, we hang on to the next. After the electoral college vote that confirmed Joe Biden’s victory on Monday, many conservative […]

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Rudy Giuliani is one of Donald Trump personal lawyers.

US Presidential Election: Will Donald Trump Continue to Pursue Justice for a Long Time?

POLITICS: A week before the official vote of the big voters, the chances of Donald Trump succeeding in challenging the presidential election results appear to be weaker and weaker More than three weeks after the presidential election, Donald Trump still refuses to admit the victory of Joe Biden and continues to denounce “a massive fraud”. Since […]

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Donald Trump chooses clash with Congress

Removal Procedure: Donald Trump Chooses Clash with Congress

Targeted by impeachment proceedings, he refuses to cooperate in the investigation of Democratic parliamentarians. “An illegal attempt to conceal the facts,” responded the opposition. After several days of procrastination, Donald Trump chose the open war with Congress: the White House announced that it refused to cooperate with the ongoing investigation for a possible impeachment procedure. The central argument of […]

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Emmanuel Macron will speak to parliamentarians at Congress on the 3rd July

Emmanuel Macron will Speak Before Congress on Monday 3rd July

SPEECH: The French President will address the parliamentarians on the eve of the policy speech of his Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe … Emmanuel Macron will speak next Monday, July 3, before Congress meeting in Versailles, said  Senate President Gerard Larcher , coming out of a meeting with the Head of State at the Elysée. “The president @Emmanuel Macron […]

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