Douglas closes 20% of its stores in Europe, 350 jobs threatened in France

Coronavirus: Douglas Closes 20% of its Stores in Europe, 350 Jobs Threatened in France

PERFUMERIES: The group operates under the Nocibé brand in France, where it plans to close 62 stores Nearly 20% of the stores of the German perfume group Douglas will close in Europe, the group announced Thursday. Affected by the fall in economic activity linked to the coronavirus epidemic, the brand wants to focus on online sales. “About 500 of […]

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Aldi will close some Leader Prices shops

Retail Restructuring: Aldi will Close 31 Leader Price Stores

RESTRUCTURING: According to the CGT, the management of the group has promised to reclassify the 240 employees concerned After the takeover, time for restructuring. The German distribution group Aldi has announced the closure of 31 stores under its Leader Price banner and has promised to reclassify their 240 employees, we learned from CGT Commerce on Tuesday . The management for its part indicated that […]

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Due to the confinement, small busiinesses in the Pays-de-la-Loire face closures

Confinement in Pays-de-la-Loire: Between 15 and 20% of Small Businesses Threatened with Closure

CRISIS: U2P, the leading French employers’ organisation, fears a “wave of closures” in 2021 in the Pays-de-la-Loire region U2P is the employers’ union for VSEs and SMEs in the trade, craft and liberal professions sectors. Its new president in Pays-de-la-Loire is worried about the consequences of the crisis in 2021. “There is a lot of suffering, […]

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22 schools in France closed because of coronavirus Covid-19

Covid-19: 22 Schools and a Hundred Classes Already Closed

Among the 22 schools closed since the start of the school year due to positive cases of Covid-19, 10 are in metropolitan France, announces the Minister of National Education. The Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer announced on Europe 1 that to date, 22 schools were closed in France , as well as a hundred classes , due to proven cases of Covid-19 . There are 10 closures in […]

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Two swimming pools will be closed in Nantes during the school holidays

Two Pools closed at Nantes during the Holidays

The pool of Petite-Amazonie closed from 4th to 11th April and the Léo-Lagrange pool closed from 4th to 17th April. During school holidays, the Leo-Lagrange swimming pools and Petite-Amazonie  will be closed. The pool of Petite-Amazonie hosts the championships of France and synchronized swimming, so will be closed to the public from Monday 4th to Monday 11th April inclusive. […]

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