The cheeses recalled after a suspicion of contamination with E. coli bacteria, manufactured in the Drôme, are marketed under different brands.

E.coli Bacteria: New Raw Milk Cheeses Recalled as a Precaution

Made in the Drôme, these cheeses are believed to have contaminated with E.Coli bacteria, 13 children in recent weeks. The list of products is getting longer. The Ministry of Agriculture and Food has extended Thursday 2nd May, 2019  the list of raw milk cheeses  made by the company Fromagerie Alpine which are the subject of a recall procedure , after the contamination of several […]

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The cheeses concerned were manufactured by the company Fromagerie Alpine, in Drôme.

E.coli Bacteria: Contaminated Children, Saint-Marcellin and Saint-Félicien Cheeses Recalled

These cheeses sold in several retail chains are withdrawn from the market. The first analyzes are the link with the bacterium Escherichia coli. Vomiting, diarrhea … 13   cases of Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS) due to Escherichia coli O26 infection have occurred in young children since 21 March 2019 in several regions. Cheeses made in the Drôme Among these children, three would have a possible link […]

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