Near Lyons: This Star Academy-like Chateau For Sale 1

Near Lyons: This Star Academy-like Chateau For Sale

In the Haut-Beaujolais, 1 hour from Lyon, a luxurious chateau for sale for nearly 2 million euros. Its external appearance resembles that, very famous, of the Star Academy. Red bricks and white stones, grey roof, small central alley, large park all around… This chateau could almost be confused with that of Vives-Eaux in Seine-et-Marne, which was […]

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In June, the Chateau in Chateaubriant will open its doors to the public

Châteaubriant: At the Chateau, Guided Tours and Free Workshops in June

The National Days of Archaeology, which will take place on June 15th and 16th, 2019, will be the opportunity to (re) discover the heritage of Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique) for free. It would be a shame to deprive oneself of it. On Saturday 15 and Sunday, June 16, 2019, during the National Days of Archeology , the guided tours of Chateau […]

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Fundraising to buy a Chateau

Who Wants to own a Fairytale Chateau ?

For 51 euros, it is possible to become co-owner of the magnificent chateau of La Mothe-Chandeniers in Vienne. The subscription is open until Christmas to rescue this gem. Surrounded by water, bristling towers but insidiously overgrown, the Chateau La Mothe-Chandeniers may soon get out of his sleep and be reborn, provided that original operation participatory fundraising […]

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The chateau of La Garnache is still for sale

The Chateau of La Garnache is Still for Sale

PROPERTY: The sale of the chateau of La Garnache and surrounding land began in March. The chateau of La Garnache (photo), its park, its dependence on the rest of the property is for sale for € 997,500 (agency fees included). A local consultation had proposed to the people that the town hall purchases the property had resulted in […]

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The museum in the Chateau of Brest now has a German Submarine as part of its exhibits

Brest: A German Submarine in the Castle

The submersible was used to spy on the French coast during World War II. How is is found among the marine museum collections? “This is probably the most impressive part of the museum,” said Jean-Yves Besselièvre, Marine Museum administrator of Brest. Being eleven meters long, six tons and two torpedoes -  “false, of course”  - it is true that […]

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