Pfizer announces that its vaccine against Covid-19 is "90% effective"

Coronavirus: Towards a “Vaccination Certificate” to go to the Theatre or to a Restaurant?

A quote from Christophe Barbier, viral on social networks, suggests that a “vaccination certificate” would condition our trips in the future. In fact, the editor made this proposal on his Twitter account, it is not a government project A publication widely relayed on Facebook suggests that the vaccine against Covid-19 could become a kind of “pass” […]

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With deconfinement a new box added to certificate for trips over 100km

Deconfinement: A New Box Added to the Certificate for Trips of More Than 100 km

DECONFINEMENT: In a decree published this Thursday in the Official Journal, a new certificate provides for an eighth scenario during deconfinement There were “professional”, “family”, “school” or “legal” motives…. There are now also “real estate” motives. From this Thursday, a new version of the certificate to be completed to make a trip of more than 100 km outside his department […]

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Leaving more than 100 km from your home without any compelling reason will result in a fine of 135 euros.

Deconfinement: Here is the Compulsory Certificate to Move more than 100 km

From Tuesday 12th May 2020, you must have a certificate proving a “compelling, family or professional reason” for trips more than 100 km from home. She was expected, after a hiccup on the first day of deconfinement, here it is: the compulsory certificate for trips more than 100 km from her home is online, this Tuesday 12th May […]

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New certificates for exit of coronavirus confinement

Coronavirus and Confinement: Download the New Displacement Certificate

The government has released a new certificate for being outside during the coronavirus confinement. We must now indicate the time of leaving home. The government implemented this Wednesday 25th March 2020 a new certificate of displacement as part of the containment linked to the coronavirus epidemic which has already killed 1,100 people in France, according to the latest […]

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If the violation of the rules is noted three times in less than 30 days, the fine becomes a crime

Non-Compliance with Confinement: Up To Six Months in Prison and a Fine of 3,750 Euros

In the midst of a coronavirus epidemic, the National Assembly adopted an amendment which aims to punish more severely those who do not respect the rules of confinement. A new turn of screws against reluctant to containment. In the midst of a coronavirus epidemic, the National Assembly adopted an amendment on Saturday 21st March 2020, which aims to punish people who leave […]

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Coronavirus. Work, medical appointment, shopping: how to download the certificate of exit

Coronavirus. Work, Medical Appointment, Shopping: How to Download the Certificate of Exit

During confinement planned for a minimum of 15 days in France, any unjustified movement will be liable to a fine. Here are the exit conditions. President Emmanuel Macron announced Monday evening: all travel and contacts with others must be limited to the maximum for at least 15 days, starting at Tuesday 17th March 2020, at noon.  “This is an […]

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