Migrant camp in Calais, four days after the start of evacuation in October

Calais: The Demolition of the “jungle” Resumed

MIGRANTS:  Three towering diggers penetrated the north end of camp at calais … The demolition of the “Jungle” in Calais, now deserted, resumed Saturday morning, two days since the announced end of operations. Shortly after 8am, three imposing diggers penetrated the north end of the camp, and started to pick up debris huts ravaged by fire this […]

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Lily Allen broke down in tears on a visit to the Calais Jungle

Calais: The Singer Lily Allen Broke Down in Tears in the “Jungle”

MIGRANTS: The British star came to help the volunteers … Neither seen nor known. Her visit to the “Jungle” in Calais had gone unnoticed. Impossible to know when Lily Allen visited the camp of migrants. One thing is certain: her coming was revealed on Wednesday in a report broadcast by the BBC . The singer apologized “on […]

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Nicolas Sarkozy visiting the port of Calais

Calais: Nicolas Sarkozy promises a complete renegotiation of the Le Touquet Agreement

The former tenant of the Elysee, and candidate for the primary of the right to the presidential election of 2017, is visiting Wednesday morning to Calais. After visiting the port in the early morning, Nicolas Sarkozy went to Town Hall for a discussion on the migratory situation in the town. Nicolas Sarkozy visited the port of Calais […]

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Great Britain will finance the building of an Anti Migrant Wall in Calais

Calais: The British Government will Finance the Construction of an Anti-Migrant Wall

The wall will be along a kilometre and four meters high for a construction cost of nearly three million … In Calais, the work of building a wall to prevent migrants from climbing on trucks, will start soon said Wednesday the British Ministry of the Interior. Four meters high and a kilometre long The wall, […]

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A ship consisting of a million lego bricks to be displayed in Calais

Lego: The biggest ship in the world of bricks, in Calais

“Jubilee Seaways” consists of a million little lego bricks, weighs nearly three tons and 12 metres … On the occasion of its 150th anniversary, the Danish ferry company DFDS Seaways has involved all its employees in Europe to build the “Jubilee Seaways’, the largest ship in the world built with small lego bricks. The building, […]

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Trucks are blocking the A16 in France against the migrant camp in Calais

Migrants in Calais: The snail operation began on the A16

Dozens of trucks blocking the A16 up to Calais to ask for the rapid evacuation of the migrant camp in Calais … They want to shout their displeasure of the migrant camp in Calais populated than ever and regular incidents on port bypass. Exasperated, economic actors of Calais organise, since Monday morning, to demand the rapid […]

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Bernard Cazeneuve has said the government is committed to the dismantlement of the Calais Jungle

The dismantling of the “Jungle” in Calais will continue “step by step,” says Cazeneuve

LILLE: The Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve is expected on site in Calais on Friday … Bernard Cazeneuve arrives in the “Jungle” with measures in his wallet. The interior minister said Thursday that the government would “continue with the utmost determination” dismantling “in stages” of the migrant camp at Calais since spring 2015. “We have already proceeded […]

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The ferry port at Calais was closed for an hour and a half due to migrants in the water, trying to board the ferry

Calais: Port Stopped for an Hour and a half Because of Migrants in Water

MIGRANTS: The traffic resumed shortly before 4am … They tried to swim to the docks of the car ferries. The traffic of the port of Calais was completely interrupted for an hour and a half in the night from Friday to Saturday because of migrants spotted in the water, we have learned from sources. The […]

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The American actor was forced to change trains at Calais-Fréthun due to a fire alarm

Calais: Johnny Depp forced to Spend an Hour in Frethun station

Johnny Depp had to change trains in Calais-Fréthun Station on May 8 after a fire alarm … Calais-Fréthun, “Ze place to be” on a Sunday morning.  Johnny Depp, in transit between Paris and London, made a forced stop at the Calais-Feéthun station just before crossing the Channel. The American actor, who was to attend the presentation […]

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