The Cardano (ADA) price continues to fall

Cardano (ADA): More than 90% of Addresses are at a Loss

ALTCOINS: As the market enters July in a relatively neutral context, the Cardano cryptocurrency is still continuing its downtrend As the market enters July in a relatively neutral context, the Cardano cryptocurrency is still continuing its downtrend. Recent analyzes carried out on the token network reveal that almost 90% of Cardano addresses are already in the red. At […]

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Colombia's central bank signs partnership with Ripple to explore blockchain opportunities

Colombia’s Central Bank Signs Partnership with Ripple to Explore Blockchain Opportunities

Ripple and Colombia: a partnership to use the Power of the Blockchain Ripple is partnering with the central bank of Colombia to explore blockchain use cases in the South American country. Banco de la República will work with the Ministry of Information and Communications to pilot monetary projects. The bank aims to improve the country’s payment system using Ripple’s CBDC […]

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Gala Games will distribute the tokens of its 2nd version in May 2023

Airdrop: Gala Games will Distribute the Tokens of its 2nd version in May 2023

CRYPTOCURRENCY: GALA holders will receive an airdrop sometime in May GALA holders will receive an airdrop sometime in May. To benefit from it, you will not have to store your tokens on an exchange, a liquidity pool or in a smart contract. An airdrop scheduled for May 15 Web gaming platform 3 Gala will distribute a […]

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A Parisian ceremony awards its “Web3 Awards” to 7 personalities and projects

A Parisian Ceremony Awards its “Web3 Awards” to 7 Personalities and Projects

The initiative has made it possible to highlight French and European players in Web3, and bring two worlds closer together. Often divided between its actors and politicians, the French crypto and Web3 landscape can also agree and move forward – together. As the motto of the Olympic Games, it is partly from this hope that […]

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Cryptocurrency Cardano bringing the blockchain to Africa

Cryptocurrency Can Help the Functioning of a State, the Proof

Cryptocurrency: Schools, transport, health, agriculture … many sectors in Ethiopia will benefit from the benefits of Blockchain. The Blockchain and the Cardano cryptocurrency, which competes with Ethereum in exchanges and the creation of decentralized projects, will contribute to the digital development of a State . Ethiopia has just confirmed that an agreement has been made between its government […]

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Why their hasn't been a bitcoin revolution yet

Cryptocurrencies: Why Hasn’t the Bitcoin Revolution Yet Happened?

DIGITAL COINS: Cryptocurrencies have still not overthrown the monetary system, they have failed to become anything more than a speculative investment While bitcoin hits the headlines with every surge in its price, it has failed to deliver on its initial promise to be used as a payment method. The main reason is that cryptocurrencies are not […]

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Signal could be working on a cryptocurrency payment system

Signal: A Cryptocurrency Payment System Under Development

MONEY: Some employees fear that the use of cryptocurrency may serve illegal activities First in the number of downloads from the Apple Store, Signal is currently developing cryptocurrency payment solutions, Clubic reports. Experiments based on MobileCoin (MOB) are underway. It is a cryptocurrency built on the Stellar blockchain, designed to make payments simple, secure and potentially impossible to trace can we read on Platformer. […]

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How far can bitcoin reach ?

From Record to Record, How Far can Bitcoin Climb ?

ECONOMY: The cryptocurrency exceeded $ 6,000 value during the weekend, reaching a new record … Bitcoin has experienced tremendous inflation in recent months. Most economists fear a bubble. Its course depends on geopolitics, China and Russia have an ambiguous position on the issue. 500% increase over the year 2017. The bitcoin went back strong after his death […]

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The Cryto Currency, Bitcoin has split into two currencies

Bitcoin Splits in Two Currencies on Divisive Background

ECONOMY: Scheduled for a while, the event of Bitcoin splitting into two currencies caused a fall in prices on Tuesday … A rift in the land of crypto-currencies. Cash bitcoin, has appeared on Tuesday following a split in the bitcoin community, the result of a disagreement concerning the speed of transactions. Specifically, the protesters launched a proposal […]

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