Airbus and Renault Join Forces to Develop a New Generation Battery 1

Airbus and Renault Join Forces to Develop a New Generation Battery

TECHNOLOGY: The engineers of the two groups will work on the creation of a new generation of batteries which will be able to double the density of stored energy by 2030 Airbus and Renault have just signed an agreement to develop the battery of the future Their engineers will work together to double the energy […]

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Batteries on US four-ton satellite threaten to explode

Space: Batteries on US Four-Ton Satellite Threaten to Explode

ORBIT: The satellite should be far from its orbit, in order to protect the other satellites Its battery threatens to explode a few thousand kilometres from Earth, endangering the surrounding devices. An anomaly on a satellite in geostationary orbit led the television operator DirecTV to make a request for the removal of its device to the American authorities. The satellite, Spaceway 1, […]

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Apple recalls some MacBooks for a risk of overheating batteries

Apple: Recall of Some Models of MacBook for a Risk of Overheating Batteries

 MALFUNCTION: The brand, Apple proposes to the concerned customers to replace the defective battery of their MacBook free of charge Apple has launched a recall of some 15-inch MacBook Pro models for security reasons, reports BFMTV this Friday. The affected computers were marketed between September 2015 and February 2017. In a statement released Thursday on its website, the brand apple explains […]

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