Banks call to the end of violence towards their branches

Demonstrations: Banks Call for an End to Violence Against their Branches

French banks call for the cessation of violence that have already targeted several hundred of their branches on the sidelines of the days of mobilisation of “yellow vests” in a forum published Saturday in Le Monde. “It is time, for all, to condemn the acts committed against the banks,” pleaded the six members of the Executive […]

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The French pay an average of 215.10 euros in bank fees per year.

Bank Charges Down, A First for Three Years

According to a study by the Panorabank bank comparator, bank charges fees fell by 1% in 2019 compared to last year. Here is good news for our wallet: after three years of increase, bank charges show a slight decrease of 1% in 2019 , according to the results of the study conducted by the comparator Panorabank banks reported by RTL . […]

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The sterling has had an incredible week, like the discussions and procrastination on Brexit, chaining the falls and soaring at the whim of the twists and turns

Brexit: The Crazy Week of the Pound Sterling

Chaos and jolts. The Pound Sterling has had an incredible week, like the discussions and procrastination on Brexit, chaining the falls and soaring as the twists around the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. Yo-yo, roller coaster, quilts and candles, falls and soaring, up and down . The pound sterling, the real barometer of Brexit , has lived one […]

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Cash back has been applicable in France since 2018. The maximum reimbursement amount is 60 euros.

“Cash Back”: Up to How Many Euros Can You Get in Cash?

Since last year, the “cash back” allows a customer using his bank card in a business, to be paid in cash. This implies certain conditions. The “cash back” you know? This system allows customers to obtain cash when paying in credit card at a merchant. For example, your full shopping costs 20 euros, you pay 50 euros by […]

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The rise in Bank Fees cancelled in 2019

Yellow Vests: The Rise in Bank Fees Cancelled in 2019

After his social measures, Emmanuel Macron obtained Tuesday 11th December a limitation of the bank fees, which will be added to the social aids announced the day before. Another concrete gesture to try to appease ” yellow vests ” always angry: Emmanuel Macron obtained Tuesday 11th December a limitation of bank charges , which will be added to the social benefits announced […]

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Bank charges affect those customers in difficulty the worse

Bank Charges: Customers in Difficulty Particularly Penalized

In a study published Thursday, the association 60 million consumers reveals that bank charges particularly penalize customers in difficulty. The bank charges specifically penalize people in financial difficulty , for which they are multiplied almost tenfold compared to all clients, says the Association 60 million consumers in a study published Thursday. “Consumers in persistent financial difficulty are charged nearly 300 euros […]

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Despite a steady decline in its use, the cheque continues to have its followers in France

In France, the Cheque has its Followers and is Resisting Change

Expensive for banks, obsolete, not reliable enough: the cheque is doomed to disappear for years, largely due to strong government pressure. But its fans, like business, are resisting change … Latest attack: the government’s desire to reduce the period of validity of one year to six months, in a country that remains attached to it, […]

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Standard and poor's confirmed its AA credit rating for France

Standard & Poor’s Confirmed the AA and its Confidence in France

Standard & Poor’s confirmed its AA rating of France. This note, assumed to represent the confidence that investors can have in the ability of France to repay its loans, should be stable according to the agency. This calculation takes into account the policy of France, and in particular the budgetary and economic policies. The rating agency […]

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Cash Machines in the centre of Rennes have been vandalised, meaning a shortage of Cash

Rennes: Shortage of Money Because Distributors Vandalized

Bank cash distributors are prime targets of vandals. Many were vandalized in Rennes. Hard to withdraw money! “I have clients who came to me and asked me if they could make me a credit card to give them cash” is a question often asked to shop owners in the town centre of Rennes.  A request they refuse, […]

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