Despite a steady decline in its use, the cheque continues to have its followers in France

In France, the Cheque has its Followers and is Resisting Change

Expensive for banks, obsolete, not reliable enough: the cheque is doomed to disappear for years, largely due to strong government pressure. But its fans, like business, are resisting change … Latest attack: the government’s desire to reduce the period of validity of one year to six months, in a country that remains attached to it, […]

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Standard and poor's confirmed its AA credit rating for France

Standard & Poor’s Confirmed the AA and its Confidence in France

Standard & Poor’s confirmed its AA rating of France. This note, assumed to represent the confidence that investors can have in the ability of France to repay its loans, should be stable according to the agency. This calculation takes into account the policy of France, and in particular the budgetary and economic policies. The rating agency […]

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Cash Machines in the centre of Rennes have been vandalised, meaning a shortage of Cash

Rennes: Shortage of Money Because Distributors Vandalized

Bank cash distributors are prime targets of vandals. Many were vandalized in Rennes. Hard to withdraw money! “I have clients who came to me and asked me if they could make me a credit card to give them cash” is a question often asked to shop owners in the town centre of Rennes.  A request they refuse, […]

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French Banks must now declare all activities

French banks Must Declare all their Activities?

According to Le Monde, the prudential and resolution Authority requested information from the French banks on their activities in tax havens. After the release of the Panama papers, and the undeclared activities of individuals and companies in the Tax haven, The Prudential and Resolution Authority (ACPR) has requested information from the French banks.  “All this […]

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Mobilisation against Financial scams on the Internet

Mobilization to Fight against Financial Scams on Internet

Four organizations will join forces financial scams on the internet. They have caused 4.5 billion loss in six years.  The Paris prosecutor’s office, Fraud Control, the stock market watchdog and the banks will join forces to try to stop the explosion of financial scams on the internet, which would have caused 4.5 billion loss in […]

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Alexandre Callet decided to ban access to its restaurant to the bankers after refusal of a loan

“Dogs allowed, Bankers prohibited”: A Restaurateur Avenges a Denial of Credit

Bankers can not enter the restaurant unless they pay “an entry fee of 70,000 euros” … The formulation is steep but the intent is clear: the owner of a gourmet restaurant in Rueil-Malmaison (Hauts-de-Seine) decided to ban the entry of its establishment to the bankers. So he set before the door of Richelieu’s Stables a […]

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Visa American is to buy Visa Europe

Visa American to buy Visa Europe for up to 21.2 billion euros

The US credit card issuer Visa will acquire its former European subsidiary Visa Europe for a total enterprise value that can reach up to 21.2 billion euros, according to a joint statement Monday. The US credit card issuer Visa will acquire its former European subsidiary Visa Europe for a total enterprise value can reach up […]

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Mortgage rates are expected to stay low

Mortgage Rates Should Remain Low Until End of the Year

The mortgage rates are expected to remain at levels … The mortgage rates here in France are expected to remain at historically low levels until late 2015, say credit brokers. Friday Immoprêt broker observes in its latest barometer, from May to June, credit rates have mostly fallen “for the first time in recent months, although […]

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