Cross party Brexit talks are to resume tonight

Jeremy Corbyn says “There’s no new Brexit Deal yet Because Theresa May won’t Compromise”

Cross-party talks between Labour and the Government resumed on Monday night after days of little to no progress on Brexit. Jeremy Corbyn blamed Theresa May for the two sides failing to come up with a new Brexit deal yet because she won’t give up her ‘red lines’. Meanwhile Tories have confirmed they are already preparing […]

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A second referendum is the most likely of Brexit talks

Second Referendum is “Most Likely Outcome of Brexit Talks”

BREXIT: A second referendum is the most likely outcome if an agreement on Brexit can’t be reached … If Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn can’t reach an agreement on Brexit, a second referendum is said to be the most likely outcome. Shadow transport secretary Andy McDonald suggested that the two were unlikely to find a […]

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Theresa May to ask for a delay of Brexit till 30th June

Brexit: Theresa May Requests a Postponement to 30th June, Donald Tusk Suggests up to a Year

A few days before an extraordinary summit in Brussels, the British Prime Minister has requested a postponement of Brexit on 30th June to the President of the European Council Donald Tusk. The British Prime Minister Theresa May asked a Brexit postponed until 30 June 2019, in a letter sent Friday, April 5th at the European Council President Donald Tusk , who for […]

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Petition to revoke Article 50 and stop Brexit hits 6,000,000 signatures

Revoke Article 50 Petition to Stop Brexit hits 6,000,000 Signatures – But it’s Still Rejected

A petition to cancel Brexit has been signed by 6,000,000 people in little over a week – but the Government is still not taking any notice. The campaign to revoke article 50 is the most popular online protest in history with thousands signing every minute. However, Theresa May has said she ‘will not countenance’ cancelling […]

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Donald Tusk Warns "Don’t Betray the 6,000,000 People who Want to Revoke Article 50"

Brexit: Donald Tusk Warns “Don’t Betray the 6,000,000 People who Want to Revoke Article 50”

The government has been warned not to ignore the millions of people who signed a petition signalling they want to cancel Brexit. The chief of the European Union’s Council says the bloc should be open to welcome Britain at the European Parliament’s May 23-26 election after accepting an extension to the Brexit deadline with Theresa […]

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Revoke article 50 and to end Brexit is the most popular petition in history

Revoke Article 50 Petition is Now Most Popular Parliamentary Petition in History

BREXIT: The Online petition, to revoke article 50 and halt bBrexit, is now the most popular parliamentary petition  in history with over 4,000,000 signatures A petition to cancel Brexit by revoking Article 50 has just become the most popular online protest in history. The campaign has now soared past the 4,150,000 figure as an average […]

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Anti Brexit March takes place in London, UK

Anti-Brexit in the Street, Theresa May Tries to Convince MP’s

This Saturday, opponents of Brexit are mobilising in London to demand a second referendum. Concluded after 17 months of difficult negotiations with Brussels and intended to implement a Brexit smoothly, the agreement is very far to have convinced British MPs who have already rejected, massively, twice. Opponents of Brexit are mobilising on Saturday in the streets of […]

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Revoke artcle 50 petition to stop Brexit hits 1,000,000 signatures

Revoke Article 50 Petition to Stop Brexit hits 1,000,000 Signatures

A petition to cancel Brexit by revoking Article 50 has now topped 1,000,000 signatures. An online petition calling on the British government to renounce Brexit is a resounding success, with more than a million signatures on Thursday, March 21, the day after its launch and eight days from the date set for the exit of the European […]

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The EU will not be intimidated in Brexit negotiations

Brexit: The EU will not “be intimidated” in Negotiations

The European Union “does not let itself be intimidated by threats” when negotiating Brexit, warned the European Council President Donald Tusk on Wednesday 15th March referring to a possible divorce without agreement between London and Brussels. “I want to be clear about the fact that a scenario of ‘no agreement’ would be bad for everyone, […]

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