Disappearance of a Boeing 737: Indonesian company Sriwijawa Air lost contact shortly after takeoff

Disappearance of a Boeing 737: Indonesian Company Sriwijawa Air Lost Contact Shortly after Takeoff

The Boeing 737 was on an internal Indonesian flight between Jakarta and Pontianak The Indonesian company Sriwijawa Air lost contact with a Boeing 737 shortly after takeoff from the capital Jakarta on Saturday, said the Ministry of Transport. There were 62 people on board. The flight from Jakarta Soekarno-Hata International Airport normally takes 90 minutes to reach Pontianak […]

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In Pakistan, 97 dead in Air crash

Pakistan: 97 Dead in Air Crash, Survivor says “Screams”

An Airbus A320 crashed Friday in a residential area of ​​Karachi, Pakistan. “There was screaming everywhere,” said Mohammad Zubair, one of two survivors of an Airbus A320 crash on Friday in a residential area in Karachi, the big city in southern Pakistan, in which 97 people died. After the plane hit the ground, “I regained consciousness” and “I […]

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