The fair at Renaz~ is in full swing this weekend

Renazé: The Fair is in Full Swing this Weekend

This Saturday 20 May, the agricultural show was held simultaneously with the fair, in Renazé. The public has responded to admire the many animals in suitable breeding competition. For the second consecutive year, the agricultural fair is held at the same time as the fair. In all, fourteen farmers ‘ come from all the former township of Saint-Aignan, […]

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Marine Le Pen at the Agricultural fair, lending support to French farmers

Marine Le Pen wants to “skin” the European Commissioner for Agriculture

On a visit Tuesday to the Agricultural Fair, Marine Le Pen has asked the government to engage in “violent showdown with Brussels.” President of the National Front called the “skin” of Phil Hogan , European Commissioner for Agriculture, on arrival at the Agricultural Show in Paris.   Pour sauver la peau des éleveurs, il faut […]

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The stand of the Ministry of Agriculture dismantled by protesters

Agricultural Fair: The stand of the Ministry Dismantled by Protesters

The CRS intervened to control the protesters …. The atmosphere is very tense on Saturday morning at the Agricultural Fair. While the head of state, Francois Hollande was booed and insulted when he arrived , clashes broke out soon after as was witnessed by a journalist from France 2.   Heurts entre policiers et agriculteurs sur […]

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