An operation against Nitrates in Food

Health: A Petition Launched Against Nitrite Salts in the Diet

CANCER: The League against Cancer and Yuka application are among the organizations behind the petition banning nitrite salts in food The NGO Foodwatch, the application Yuka and the League against cancer announced Wednesday the launch of a petition, addressed to Agnès Buzyn , to request the ban of nitrite salts in the diet because of their role in the appearance of […]

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750 million euros for emergencies: the 12 measures proposed by the government

750 Million Euros for Emergencies: 12 Measures Proposed by the Government

On Monday 9th September 2019, Health Minister Agnès Buzyn detailed a vast plan for emergency services on strike for almost six months, Accused by the unprecedented strike affecting the emergency services for nearly six months, the Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn detailed Monday 9th September 2019 a “refoundation pact” of 750 million euros over three years, but not providing […]

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Heatwave: Health Minister Plans "Three Difficult Next Days" in Emergencies

Heat wave: Health Minister Plans “Three Difficult Next Days” in Emergencies

The Minister of Solidarities and Health, Agnès Buzyn, was at Mercy hospital as well as Metz to meet the hospital staff who act in the heat wave. The episode of heat wave that currently affects France begins to reach its peak. In the face of the work of the hospital staff during these hot periods, the Minister of Solidarities and […]

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Glasses, dentures and hearing aids will be fully reimbursed by the Social Security and complementary health from 2020.

Health: Glasses, Dentures and Hearing soon reimbursed 100%

Glasses, dentures and hearing aids will be fully reimbursed by the Social Security and complementary health from 2020. The decree was published Saturday, January 12 in the Official Journal . From 2020, some glasses, dental crowns and hearing aids will be fully reimbursed by Social Security and complementary health. This is the implementation of the reform on  “zero charge rest” , adopted in December by […]

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Some brands of cigarettes will increase slightly on July 2nd |

Tobacco: New Price Adjustment for Cigarettes on July 2nd

Some brands of cigarettes will increase slightly on July 2nd, mainly those whose prices are located in the bottom of the market, according to a decree dated 7th June and published Saturday in the Official Journal. According to an order signed by the Director General of Health and the Director General of Customs and Indirect […]

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Smoking in France is getting more expensive, with a price increase in Cigarettes on 1st March

Smoking: The Pack of Cigarettes will Increase by One Euro on 1st March

As part of its national health strategy, the government increases the price of smoking on the 1st March 2018.  Packet of cigarettes increase by one euro and rolling tobacco by two euros. As announced by the government, the price of a packet of cigarettes will experience a new increase.  It will increase by a euro on average and two euros for […]

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The flu epidemic strikes throughout France

The Flu Epidemic Strikes Throughout France: 15-64 Particularly Affected

So far spared, Corsica is no longer immune to flu symptoms, which has been sweeping across France The whole of France shivered and blew his nose during the first week of January including Corsica, hitherto spared . The flu epidemic threshold is crossed throughout mainland France. From the 1st to the 7th January, 423 cases per 100,000 inhabitants […]

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The Price of Cigarettes in France will increase on the 13th November

Smoking: The Rising Price of Cigarettes from 13th November

TOBACCO: This increase is only a first step, a further increase to eventually increase to 10 euro package of the base price of 20 cigarettes by 2020… The rising base cost of the pack of cigarettes will be effective on 13th November, not the 6th November, reported on Friday the Parisian . The “minimum tax” tax imposed by the state […]

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There will be 11 mandatory vaccines from 1st January 2018

The 11 Mandatory Vaccines for Children from 1st January 2018

VACCINES: On “CNews” Agnès Buzyn said the eleven vaccines will be mandatory from 1 January 2018 … This is information that may alarm many parents who refuse to vaccinate their children.She had promised implementation in 2018, the Health Minister Agnès Buzyn specifies that the entry into force of the eleven mandatory childhood vaccines will be […]

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Agnès Buzyn in Paris on 5 July 2017, at a press conference on vaccination and vaccines in France

Vaccines: Agnès Buzyn Regrets the “Mistrust Rooted in the Population”

In the debate on compulsory vaccination, the health minister called for “trust” in vaccines. The Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn on Saturday called to have “confidence in vaccines”, lambasting hostile parents to this type of medication for their children in full controversy over the vaccination. “The vaccines, it works, it works, it saved hundreds of millions of […]

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