The 100 km travel restriction is lifted in France

Travel: The 100 km Rule Lifted for the Whole Country

Edouard Philippe announced this Thursday 28th May 2020 the terms of the second phase of deconfinement with, in particular, the end of the restriction of 100 km to move. All the lights are green for the stage of June 2. The ban on travelling more than 100 km as the crow flies around his home is now lifted, announced […]

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Leaving more than 100 km from your home without any compelling reason will result in a fine of 135 euros.

Deconfinement: Here is the Compulsory Certificate to Move more than 100 km

From Tuesday 12th May 2020, you must have a certificate proving a “compelling, family or professional reason” for trips more than 100 km from home. She was expected, after a hiccup on the first day of deconfinement, here it is: the compulsory certificate for trips more than 100 km from her home is online, this Tuesday 12th May […]

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