Saulges: From the Caves to the Oratory

Dive into the valley of the Erve in the middle of the caves of Saulges (53), by the circuit of the oratory.

In these periods of holidays, an idea of ​​hiking: discover Saulges, in Mayenne, and the circuit of the oratory .

The circuit of the oratory (8.5 km, around 2 hours) around the town begins at the Town Hall Square.

The village of this “small city of character” has two churches: Our Lady of the Assumption (eleventh century); and Saint-Pierre, the former parish church, a Merovingian building of the eighth century. On this side, between the Bistrot de la Place and this second building, take rue des Molaines. The path goes down in front of the lime kiln and the house of the lime kiln. This device testifies to the artisanal past of the nineteenth century that allowed to fertilize the soil.

Visit the caves and the Museum of Prehistory

At the first intersection, take the path to the right, then to the second, to the left. The trail crosses lands where the sheep of Ouessant graze and which overhang the valley.

Join the site of the caves, where the visitor has an appointment with prehistory at the museum, then the restaurant of the Canyon . A bridge allows to cross the river. Take an immediate left and follow the stream.

The trail crosses the Natura 2000 cave site, two of which are open to the public on guided tours.

A variant is proposed: it is possible to reach the first intersection by the Japanese steps, crossing the river.

Continue to the road (D554) and the bridge, then after a few meters turn right, take the path that runs along the campsite.

A bathing area

The recreational area offers several activities (swimming, tennis, restaurant …). On the other side, a footbridge provides access to the oratory of Saint-Cénéré (seventh century), where water from a “miraculous” source still flows and attracts pilgrims.

At the end of the road, after the car park, another variant proposes to reach Saulges directly on the left. Otherwise, continue on the right by the south end of the pond. The trail goes up forming a left turn.

Continue straight ahead past the manor house Croisnières (private property). At the crossroads, take the pin on the left (continuing straight, possibility of joining Chemeré).

In the undergrowth, leaving the Mercerie on the right, turn right at the next intersection, down to the Moulin du Pré. Go back briefly along the RD310 on the left, then turn on the first left towards Saulges, passing the castle of Plessis.

Happy hike