Manche: Top 10 Most Beautiful Viewpoints and Panoramas of Cotentin

10 most beautiful viempoints in Cotentin, Normandy

Roche à Coucou, Nez de Jobourg, Anse du Brick… The inhabitants of Cotentin share their top 10 of the most beautiful viewpoints to discover in the region.

Do you want to impress your guests or simply clear your mind in front of breathtaking views ? We have asked our readers for advice, and there is no shortage of spectacular landscapes in the Cotentin (Manche).

Dunes, rock, sea, moors, our peninsula is not very big, but it offers us always different landscapes . Add to that a very changeable weather and each outing promises to amaze you!

1. La Baie d’Écalgrain

la Baie d’Écalgrain, Cotenin
Impressive view of la Baie d’Écalgrain from the North. (©The Picture of Living)

Whether you arrive from the South, the North, by road or the customs path, you will be able to enjoy an incredible view. This pebble beach is bordered by a steep and green coast.

On foot, you can join the Nez de Jobourg (which we will talk about below) to the Baie d’Ecalgrain by the coastal footpath. Keep an eye out for some grazing sheep!

By car, when you go up in the direction of Laye, don’t forget to look in your mirrors. The view during the ascent is amazing! A car park awaits you a little higher up to enjoy the panorama.

2. Le Nez de Jobourg

Le Nez de Jobourg, Cotenin
A snub to those who think grey weather is bad weather to discover La Hague (©Typhanie Moiny / C’est à Cherbourg)

Ah, the Le Nez de Jobourg… A marvel that you can discover by parking in the car parks along the rue des Cliffs, before the restaurant Auberge des Grottes.

You don’t need to walk a lot to enjoy this view. Know that according to the tides, the rocks below are discovered and according to the seasons, the flora changes colours.

So go back often, the show will always be different! And take the time to admire the view to the north. In case of clear skies, you will be able to see as far as the Goury lighthouse.

3. L’Anse du Brick

L’Anse du Brick, Cotentin
Here, the sea seems to have bitten the land to create the Anse du Brick. (©Valerie Valval)

L’Anse du Brick is a well-known and appreciated spot for surfers, but also for hikersAnd it is by venturing into the moors that overlook it that its beauty is revealed.

For the brave, you can venture to the remains of the Batterie du Brulay for breathtaking views of the moors and the sea.

By car, a small car park overlooks the beach of L’Anse du Brick, take advantage of the calm of winter to sit there and listen to the sound of the waves in peace.

There are so many beautiful places in the Cotentin. Hard to make a choice. I really like cycling up the Anse du Brick road. The view is splendid. It can also be observed from the Bretteville blockhouse. At sunset, it looks like the Baie des Anges Cotentine. Otherwise the Nez de Jobourg and the bay of Quervière. But there are plenty more!


4. Landemer

The Landemer, here captured in winter, we see the customs officers’ path meandering there. (©Typhanie Moiny / C’est à Cherbourg)

Landemer is two views for the price of one! On the left, an endless chain of cliffs, on the right, Urville beach, Cherbourg and its harbour.

And once again, depending on the seasons and the tide, a different landscape awaits you. Green and abundant in spring and summer, orange in winter, but still just as wild.

Be aware that if you walk the coastal path in summer, your walk will be framed by tall ferns (and a lot of midges…).

While in the off-season, the stunted ferns will let you enjoy the view all along the way!

My top 3: in 1, the ordeal of the dunes, in 2, Landemer, and in 3, the Roche à Coucou!

Michael – The Beautiful Normandy Hike

5. Le calvaire des dunes de Biville

Le calvaire des dunes de BivilleThis view has to be earned, you have to walk a few minutes from the center of Biville, but the path is very easy and is often used as Sunday walks by the locals.

Park in the church or town hall car parks. Walk along the low wall of the church in the direction of the sea until the entrance of a path that you will follow until arriving at the Calvaire.

And there, the panorama is incredible! The dunes are just in front of you, and on your right, you can admire Vauville and its pond below, as well as the south coast of La Hague.

For the bravest, you can reach the sea from here on foot, but be careful when returning and climbing to the car park!

6. Le phare de Carteret

le-phare-de-carteret in Cotentin
The beach, the dunes, the stone wall, and an incredible panorama await you in Carteret. (©Typhanie Moiny / It’s in Cherbourg)

Go to the Le Phare de Carteret, and without even visiting it, you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of the dunes, the long sandy beach and the ruins of the old church!

You can also reach it on foot from here. And on the other side of the lighthouse, a view of the port and the town centre of Barneville-Carteret awaits you.

7. Auderville


In calm weather, or under the whims of a raging sea, this view of Goury is not to be missed. (©Aymeric Picot)

Goury, its port, its lighthouse, it’s magnificent, we know it! But the best way to admire them is from the top of Auderville.

The green of the fields, its contrast with the blue (or grey) of the sea, the old stone walls, in short, a Norman landscape that will charm your guests.

And do not hesitate to reach Goury on foot via the hamlet La Roche, the view is just as beautiful at the exit of the village.

8. La Tour de l’île Tatihou

Charming view from a window of the Tour de l'île de Tatihou
Charming view from a window of the Tour de l’île de Tatihou (©Coraline & Léo)

Well, this point of view will require a little more effort. You will have to take the boat ( amphibious vehicle ) from Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue or wait for low tide to cross on foot.

And then a short stroll and a walking package await you. But I promise, it’s worth it! You will be surrounded by the sea with an unobstructed view of Saint-Vaast and the Val de Saire coast.

9. La Pernelle

La Pernerie, Cotentin
A charming little town hall with a breathtaking view. (©La Presse de la Manche)

Would you like a panoramic view of the Val de Saire? For that, go to the small town hall of La Pernelle, next to the Sainte-Pétronille church, both perched at an altitude of 123 metres.

The pearl! From where you can see the entire coast of Val de Saire, as well as Quinéville, the Saint-Marcouf islands, and the coasts of Calvados when the weather is fine.

Mei Ling

10. La Roche à Coucou

La Roche à Coucou
Take to the heights of Les Pieux to admire Sciotot. (©Jean-Francois Mayeur)

Ah hello to the beaches of Rozel and Sciotot from La Roche! Do you want to be amazed, but can’t choose between the countryside and the sea?

Then the Roche à Coucou viewpoint (Pieux sector) is for you. Fields, wild moors, beaches, and sea, it is a panorama of varied landscapes that awaits you on this promontory which culminates at an altitude of 135 m.

Small bonus…

The incredible view of Cherbourg
Admire an incredible view from the only “mountain” in Cherbourg. (©Lucas Auvray)

And of course, in Cherbourg, there is the mountain of Roule and its breathtaking view of the city centre, the port, and the Cité de la Mer. A sight to discover day and night!

Beware, this romantic view is known to attract a lot of young couples, don’t be surprised…