Buying Property in France

Why buy a property in France ?  A common question asked, but without a simple answer …

If you are considering moving from the UK to France, then the timing of selling your property can be vital to buying property in France, especially if you want more bartering power. One of the best ways is to use a house sales specialist who can provide you with many options to buy your home fast. In fact they are able to buy your home from you within seven days and allow you short-term rent back if necessary.

This means you can forget all about having to sell your home until you have found somewhere new to live as you know that this part of the procedure can be totally hassle free. However there are other things you will need to consider, like finding the best place to live and the types of property in France to be absolutely sure that France is for you. The following may help you in your decision:

Firstly why France, well its not the most beautiful country in Europe but with its varied landscape it has something for everyone, haute cuisine for gourmets, the sea and the mountains for sports enthusiasts, an abundance of culture for art lovers, some of the world’s best wines, the night life in Paris for the jet set, tranquillity for the stressed, beaches for sun- worshipers and beautiful countryside for nature lovers.

France does not have such a chaotic housing market as we have here in the UK so you need to remember that you shouldn’t expect to make a quick profit when you buy a home there.

Its easy to travel to and from France to the UK, as France’s motorway network is second to none, there is a proliferation of low cost flights offered by Ryanair, Flybe and BMIbaby, increasing ferry crossings and the channel tunnel rail link.

If you have a pet you should be aware that all dogs in France need to be tattooed with an identity number in one of their ears or be microchipped and must be kept on leads in most public gardens and parks. The tick problem in certain parts of France can be lethal so you must take precautions.

France provides the opportunity to buy a style or size of home that you might not be able to afford in the UK and property types range from apartments with all the mod cons to modern town houses to barns and derelict farmhouses. From luxury villas and chalets to a crumbling manor house or chateaux.