A new cartridge available for the Atari 2600

Atari Releases a New Game Cartridge for its 42-year-old Console

VINTAGE GAMING: The Atari 2600 console was released in France in 1981 If you dream of bringing out your old Atari 2600 console, now is the time! As BFMTV relays on Sunday, the “Mr. Run and Jump” game cartridge will indeed be available in a limited edition from July 31, for the sum of 60 dollars (about 55 euros). This 2D […]

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Elon Musk, the boss of SpaceX, Twitter and Tesla in particular, met his French fans at VivaTech

VivaTech: Why Does Emmanuel Macron Flirt so much with Elon Musk?

ELON MANIA:  3,600 people, handpicked, waited a long time on Friday in the Parisian heat to attend the Elon Musk show, at the VivaTech show VivaTech hit hard this year: the famous American entrepreneur put on the show for an hour in front of 3,600 handpicked people, after talking to Emmanuel Macron. While he came […]

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Video game test: take the yellow jersey, on the Tour de France 2023

Video Game Test: Take the Yellow Jersey, on the Tour de France 2023

Are you a fan of cycling and console? The new Tour de France 2023 should please you, to do the Grande Boucle like the pro riders, without moving from your sofa! Like every year, less than a month before the “real” Grande Boucle, console and cycling enthusiasts can win the yellow jersey before the time, on the Tour de […]

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Tragic Loss: Professional Gamer "Twisten" of Team Vitality Found Dead at 19

E-sports: Vitality Player Karel Asenbrener, aka “Twisten”, Dies at 19

Remembering the Bright Spirit of “Twisten” – A Profound Loss in the Esports Community Professional gamer Karel Asenbrener was found dead at 19 just months after opening up about his battle with depression  The star’s gaming organization Team Vitality said on Wednesday they were ‘deeply saddened by the ‘devastating loss’ In a heartbreaking turn of […]

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ChatGPT will soon be on Smartphones

Artificial Intelligence: ChatGPT Arrives on Smartphones

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE:  Available on iPhones in the United States, the ChatGPT app should arrive “soon” in other countries and on Android phones OpenAI on Thursday launched a mobile application for ChatGPT, its generative artificial intelligence (AI) interface that is already experiencing phenomenal growth on the web, and whose impressive capabilities fascinate and worry. The new […]

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TikTok: Montana becomes the first US state to ban the app

TikTok: Montana Becomes the First US State to Ban the App

Many US lawmakers believe the TikTok platform allows Beijing to spy on and manipulate users In the United States, the war against TikTok took a new step on Wednesday. The governor of Montana has signed into law the law banning the app in that US state, marking the start of a likely legal battle all the way […]

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You will soon be able to make audio and video calls from your Twitter account

Twitter: You will Soon be Able to Make Audio and Video Calls from your Account

ANNOUNCEMENT: The boss of the social network, Twitter also plans to deploy this Wednesday the possibility of encrypting private messages Elon Musk, who aims to make Twitter an “all-purpose” application, announced on Tuesday that it would soon be possible to make audio and video calls from the platform. “Audio and video chats will soon be added from your account to […]

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British hacker pleads guilty to attack on Twitter

US: British Hacker Pleads Guilty to Attack on Twitter

SECURITY: He had notably hacked the Twitter accounts of personalities such as Joe Biden, Bill Gates or Elon Musk He pleaded guilty. A British hacker admitted Tuesday, before American justice, his responsibility in a series of cyberattacks, the most spectacular of which had targeted, in 2020, the Twitter accounts of personalities like Joe Biden, Bill Gates or Elon Musk. Joseph O’Connor, 23, […]

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Twitter announces the deactivation of inactive accounts

Twitter: Elon Musk Announces the Upcoming Deactivation of Inactive Accounts

SOCIAL NETWORKS: The operation should reduce the number of Twitter subscribers of many users, warned the multi-billionaire Elon Musk warned on Monday that Twitter users risk seeing their number of subscribers drop soon. The owner of the social network has indeed taken the decision to deactivate unused accounts. “We’re eliminating accounts that haven’t been active at all for years,” the […]

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In the United Kingdom, a student uses ChatGPT to appeal against a parking ticket

United Kingdom: ChatGPT has the Parking Fine Received by a Student Revoked

THANK YOU CHATGPT: The English student decided to send a letter, written using the artificial intelligence program ChatGPT to appeal against the parking fine ChatGPT strikes again. Launched in November 2022, the chatbot developed by OpenAI recently enabled a British student to escape a fine for poor parking, reports the BBC  relayed by Capital. The 22-year-old young woman, who lives and studies in […]

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