Two new keyboards to aid the writing of French

Computers: AZERTY and BÉPO, Two New Keyboards Designed to Facilitate Writing in French

COMPUTER: The two new keyboards, AZERTY improved and BÉPO, take into account the comfort of writing and the new uses The French Association for Standardisation (Afnor) presented Tuesday the ”  voluntary standard NF Z71-300  ” on computer keyboards . The organisation offers two models in place of the historic AZERTY, reports the HuffPost . The first is an improved QWERTY keyboard, which better adapts […]

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Apple could market more compact iPhone

iPhone: Apple could Propose a Smaller Model in 2020

RUMOURS: Apple is preparing to market a 5.42-inch, ultra-compact, edge-to-edge device with an OLED touchscreen If Apple plans to increase the size of embedded batteries in the future iPhone, the Apple brand plans at the same time to reduce the size of some screens. Thus, the three new iPhone that are expected in 2020 will be equipped with […]

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Sega to launch Mega Drive mini in September

Video games: Sega will Market a Mega Drive Mini next September

RETRO GAMING: Sonic, Ecco the Dolphin, Comix Zone: the nostalgic Sega will find the best games of the Mega Drive After the NES Classic Mini, the SNES Classic Mini and the PlayStation Classic , it’s Sega’s turn to succumb to the retro gaming trend . The Mega Drive Mini should be marketed from September 19, according to a statement  released this Saturday, March 30 by the […]

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Moon target for US Astronauts in 2024

Moon target for US Astronauts in 2024

President Donald Trump wants to accelerate the return of American astronauts to the moon, within five years, 47 years after the end of the Apollo missions. Forty-seven years after the Apollo missions , the Americans want to be the next to tread the moon again . The government of Donald Trump announced Tuesday 27th March, 2019 an acceleration of the return of American […]

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Apple unveiled a series of new services

Streaming Video: Apple TV Plus Launching in Autumn

This Monday 25th March, 2019, the Apple brand has unveiled Apple TV Plus, its new video service supposed to compete Netflix, and also announced Apple News and Apple Arcade. Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, JJ Abrams … to compete with Netflix , Apple  releases heavy artillery. On Monday 25th March, 2019, at a keynote in Cupertino , California, the Apple brand unveiled its new […]

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Will Apple launch its VR Glasses

VR, Augmented Reality: Will Apple Launch Its Glasses?

At a time when Laval Virtual, the festival of virtual reality and augmented reality, is being held, On Refait Le Mac’s team is taking stock of its uses. Will Apple launch its augmented reality glasses? At a time when Laval Virtual, the festival of virtual reality and augmented reality is being held, the team of On Refait Le […]

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Expensive Chat charges 0.8 cents for each character sent.

“Expensive Chat”, the Online Messaging where Internet Users pay 0.8 Cents for Each Character Sent

SOCIAL NETWORKS: At the end of the day, the amount corresponding to all the words you have typed is automatically debited from your account It is an original initiative, but far from being disinterested. A Dutch entrepreneur has just launched  an online chat room where each character sent is paid. On “Expensive Chat” , each letter is charged 1 cent (0.8 […]

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Facebook is under investigation for sharing users data

Facebook is now Under Criminal Investigation for Data-Sharing with Tech Firms

SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook is under criminal investigation in the United States over the alleged sharing of users data Facebook is under criminal investigation in the US over the alleged sharing of user data with some of the world’s biggest tech firms, a report has claimed. At least two manufacturers of smartphones and other devices have […]

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Facebook is now back up and running

The Giant Facebook Crash is Over, it was Due to a Server Problem

Social Media: The services of the social network, but also those of Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp have been affected for almost 24 hours The forced return to “real life” is over. The crash, which has disrupted Facebook and all its applications (Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp) for 24 hours is being resorbed. “Yesterday, due to a server configuration change, many […]

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Facebook does not load for some users, March 13, 2019

Facebook and Instagram Offline for Some Users

WEB: Facebook is conducting the investigation to determine the origin of the problem If Facebook and Instagram do not load at home, you are not alone. “We are aware that some people have trouble accessing apps from the Facebook family. We are working to solve this problem as soon as possible, “said the company late morning in California […]

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