Confinement: Meal Distribution, Shopping for the Neighbours… Here's How to Help 1

Confinement: Meal Distribution, Shopping for the Neighbours… Here’s How to Help

This Sunday 22nd March 2020, the government is launching the civic reserve dedicated to the coronavirus to allow the French to help others during the epidemic. In this period of confinement, what if you gave your time to help others? This is the call launched this Sunday 22nd March 2020 by the government which invites the French to […]

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If the violation of the rules is noted three times in less than 30 days, the fine becomes a crime

Non-Compliance with Confinement: Up To Six Months in Prison and a Fine of 3,750 Euros

In the midst of a coronavirus epidemic, the National Assembly adopted an amendment which aims to punish more severely those who do not respect the rules of confinement. A new turn of screws against reluctant to containment. In the midst of a coronavirus epidemic, the National Assembly adopted an amendment on Saturday 21st March 2020, which aims to punish people who leave […]

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Coronavirus: 800 deaths in 24 hours in Italy, all non-essential productive activity stopped

Coronavirus: 800 Deaths in 24 Hours in Italy, all Non-Essential Productive Activity Stopped

Italy has had nearly 5,000 bit since the start of the coronavirus epidemic, and on Saturday 21st March 2020, it had its deadliest day. The coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage Italy, where it killed almost 800 people on Saturday, March 21, 2020, in 24 hours, and the government has ordered the cessation of all production activity other than that “strictly necessary”. “The decision adopted […]

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A policeman protected by a mask in Rennes, March 21, 2020.

Coronavirus: Masks, Confinement, Hospitalisations… How France Manages the Emergency

Saturday 21st March 2020, the Minister of Health announced the order for 250 million masks and will discuss the extension or not of confinement Monday 23rd. Faced with the coronavirus epidemic which has already killed 562 people in the country, France is managing the emergency: equipping its caregivers with masks and stemming the ever-increasing number of hospitalizations. But experts are also working […]

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Coronavirus killed 562 in France

Coronavirus: 562 Deaths and 14,459 Confirmed Cases, Update on the Situation in France

During a press briefing on Saturday 21st March 2020, the Ministry of Health announced 112 new deaths and 1,847 additional contaminations linked to coronavirus covid-19. Coronavirus victims are increasing. This Saturday, March 21, 2020, the Ministry of Health announced 112 new deaths and 1,847 additional confirmed cases, since the last assessment made the day before. It is the heaviest recorded on […]

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Day 6 in Madrid after the Spanish government declares the state of alert over coronavirus

Another 324 People Die of Coronavirus in Spain as Cases Surge Towards 25,000

Another 324 people have died of coronavirus Covid-19 in Spain over the last 24 hours, raising the total death toll to 1,326 The health ministry of Spain have just released their number of coronavirus covid-19 cases which has also soared, from 19,980 yesterday to 24,926 today. The grim new figures come after it became the […]

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Strict enforcement of coronavirus containment and confinement this weekend in France

Coronavirus: Authorities Want a Strict Containment Weekend in France

Many public places will be closed during the first weekend of containment, while the Coronavirus Covid-19 has already killed 450 people in France. First spring weekend under tension: the French authorities are determined on Saturday 21st March 2020 to enforce the confinement imposed to curb the coronavirus epidemic which has already killed 450 people in the country, deeming it […]

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Should books be classed as essentials in the current coronavirus confinement

Coronavirus: Are Books “Essentials”?

CONTAINMENT: The question of reopening bookstores was asked on Thursday, before being swept away by the Syndicat de la librairie française Asked Thursday morning about France Inter, Bruno Le Maire had raised the hypothesis of a reopening of bookstores to respond to competition from Amazon. The conditions for reopening bookstores, closed since Sunday, have not yet […]

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North Korea shoots two short-range missiles

North Korea: Regime Shoots Two Short-Range Missiles

ARMY: According to the South Korean Joint Staff, these are probably short-range ballistic missiles that North Korea fired The global health crisis is not easing tensions on the Korean peninsula. North Korea fired two missiles toward the Sea of Japan, presumably, ballistic missiles of short-range have indeed said Friday the South Korean army. These missiles were launched from the […]

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Friday, March 20, the number of deaths from coronavirus in France rose to 450 dead

Coronavirus: 450 Deaths, Nearly 12,600 Confirmed Cases in France… The Evolution of the Epidemic in Infographics

Health authorities have estimated that the peak of the coronavirus epidemic in France is expected within five to eight days. Will this extend the confinement period. The wave is sweeping over France. On the fourth day of confinement, France now has 12,612 cases positive for the coronavirus. Among these people, 5,226 are hospitalized, including 1,297 in intensive care. French health authorities […]

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