1è year old motorist killed by Police in Nanterre

Death of Nahel: Refusal to Comply, Police Officer in Custody… What do we Know about the Death of the 17-year-old Teenager?

A 17-year-old motorist was killed on Tuesday morning in Nanterre by a police officer who fired his weapon after the minor refused to comply A 17-year-old motorist was killed Tuesday morning in Nanterre by a police officer who fired his weapon, after the minor refused to comply. The victim, Nahel M., died despite the intervention of […]

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Fires in Canada: are the fumes present in France toxic?

Fires in Canada: Are the Fumes Present in France Toxic?

The cloud of smoke loaded with fine particles, which arrived this Monday 26th June in France, would circulate too high in the atmosphere to affect air quality. Satellite images have been making the rounds on social media since this weekend. The smoke from the gigantic fires affecting Canada has been arriving in France  since Monday 26th June 2023. These […]

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Smoke from Forest fires in Canada arrive in France

Smoke from Canada’s Mega-Fires Arrives in France: Here’s What to Expect

The boreal forest has been burning since the beginning of June in Quebec. The significant smoke released reached France this Monday 26th June 2023. France in the fog? After having embalmed New York and part of the United States, the smoke from the Canadian mega-fires is now reaching France. Since 2nd June 2023, Canada, and especially Quebec, has been burning. Hectares of […]

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The weather in France will see a return of Thunderstorms

Weather: Return of Thunderstorms and Falling Temperatures, the Forecast for the Week

This Monday 26th June, temperatures sometimes dropped by 10°C compared to Sunday, before the return (again!) of thunderstorms, from the middle of the week. Weather forecast. It was 29°C in Dinard (Ille-et-Vilaine) at midday on Sunday 25th June 2023. It was around 18°C ​​at the same time on Monday 26th June. It was 33°C in […]

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Fires in Canada are suffocating Montreal

Fires in Canada: Montreal Suffocates Under the Smoke

470 forest fires are still active in Canada. On Sunday 25th June 2023, the air quality was rated as the worst in the world. Hundreds of firefighters arrive as reinforcements Acrid smoke covered Montreal on Sunday with a veil due to the still active forest fires in Canada, making the city the most polluted air in the world, according to a […]

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What is Thunderstorm Asthma caused by bad weather and thunderstorms

Bad Weather: What is Thunderstorm Asthma?

CURSED POLLEN: The stormy episodes of the last few days have caused an increase in emergency room visits for respiratory distress In recent days, violent storms have broken out in France, causing an increase in hospitalizations for cases of respiratory distress. Monday evening, 13 departments were still on orange alert, and the weather still looks unstable […]

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41 departments on Orange alert for thunderstorms

Bad Weather: Violent Thunderstorms Hit the Great Ouest, Floods and Tornado in Normandy

WEATHER REPORT: Roads cut, floods, damage, power cuts… Some French people have had to deal with the consequences of storms The violent storms which hit the west and the centre of France on Sunday afternoon particularly affected Seine-Maritime, notably causing floods and a “tornadic episode”, we learned from concordant sources. According to the Seine-Maritime prefecture, firefighters […]

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An aftershock earthquake was felt this morning in Deux-Sevres

Earthquake in Western France: Aftershock of Magnitude 5 in Deux-Sèvres this Morning

EARTHQUAKE: This aftershock follows the “very strong” earthquake which frightened the population of a large part of the west of the country on Friday evening, without causing major damage according to the authorities The Earth shook. A second time. In France. A magnitude 5 aftershock was felt in the early hours of Saturday in Deux-Sèvres, after a first tremor on Friday […]

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An earthquake shook western France on Friday June 16, 2023 around 6:30 p.m

Earthquake in Western France: Strong Tremor with a Magnitude between 5.3 and 5.8, Material Damage Recorded

The earthquake, with an epicentre halfway between La Rochelle and Niort, was felt from Bordeaux to Saint-Malo It was 6:38 p.m. when the building began to shake. A slight ripple cast a silence in our little editorial office. In the heat and humidity of a Friday evening, the earth shook in Rennes. The Breton capital is not […]

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Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is received this Friday at the Elysée Palace by Emmanuel Macron.

Between Soft Power and “Emancipation”, is Saudi Arabia’s Strategy Bearing Fruit?

INFLUENCE: Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is received this Friday at the Elysée Palace by Emmanuel Macron. Combining soft power and diplomatic empowerment, his strategy aims to smooth the image of the monarchy. With success ? Emmanuel Macron will receive this Friday at the Elysee Palace Mohammed Bin Salman. The Saudi crown prince had […]

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