Riots after the death of Nahel: Medef estimates the damage to companies at more than one billion euros

Riots after the death of Nahel: Medef Estimates the Damage to Companies at more than One Billion Euros

URBAN VIOLENCE: According to Medef figures, more than 200 shops were completely looted, 300 bank branches were destroyed and 250 tobacconists were affected. While the urban violence, following the death of Nahel by the shooting of a policeman, calms down, the Medef takes out its calculator. The boss of bosses, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux , said he estimated the […]

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Jasper Philipsen raises his arms after winning the 3rd stage of the Tour de France, in Bayonne, July 3, 2023.

Tour de France 2023: Jasper Philipsen, New Boss of the Sprint

CYCLING: The Belgian, Jasper Philipsen from the Alpecin team won the sprint in Bayonne during the 3rd stage of the Tour The 3rd stage of the Tour de France was won in the sprint on Monday by Jasper Philipsen. The Belgian rider thus won his third victory on the Tour de France, after his successes in […]

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Idris Elba definitely does not want to play James Bond even if he is offered the role

Idris Elba Definitely Does Not Want to Play James Bond Even if he is Offered the Role

RACISM: The actor, Idris Elba is exhausted by the racist attacks he has suffered since the first rumours of him becoming the next James Bond Idris Elba is categorical: he will not embody James Bond, regardless of the offers made to him. The name of the actor has been circulating for a few years now to embody the famous spy in […]

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New savings rates for the Livret A and LEP from 1st August 2023

Livret A, LEP: The New Interest Rates planned from 1st August 2023

While the remuneration of the Livret A and the LDDS will increase on August 1st, that of the Livret d’épargne populaire will on the other hand decline slightly on the same date. Explanations. Cross trajectories for the rate of the Livret A and that of the Livret d’épargne populaire (LEP). On August 1, the yields of these fully […]

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Adam Yates, first stage tour de France

Tour de France 2023: It’s a Great Story! The Yates Twins Honoured in Bilbao

WOW! The final of the first stage of the Tour de France gave rise to a fratricidal duel in Bilbao Twins Adam and Simon Yates finished first and second in the inaugural Tour de France stage, raced around Bilbao on Saturday. The two British climbers, aged 30, trapped the competition 8 kilometres from the finish, before […]

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Max Verstappen in Pole for the Austrian Grand Prix

F1 – Austrian GP: Verstappen on Pole for the Sprint Race, Disappointment for Hamilton

This Saturday 1st July, Max Verstappen was once again the fastest in qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix sprint race. The Red Bulls even achieve the double with the second time signed by Sergio Perez. Big disappointment on the other hand for Lewis Hamilton who will start from 18th place. After taking pole position for the […]

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Police unions response to the riots in France over the death of Nahel

Death of Nahel: The Left Denounces the “Threat of Sedition” Contained in a Statement from Police Unions

THE WEIGHT OF WORDS: Alliance, majority union of peacekeepers, and Unsa police say they are “at war” and want to “restore republican order” in the face of “savage hordes” A press release that comes to blow on the embers? Several left-wing leaders, including Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Marine Tondelier, denounced a press release from the police unions Alliance and Unsa police on […]

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Emmanuel Macron speech on the death of Nahel

Death of Nahel: Role of Video Games, Parents, Social Networks… The essence of Emmanuel Macron’s Speech

RECAP: Following the meeting of the interministerial cell on violence in France, the President of the Republic announced the establishment of “additional means” Emmanuel Macron denounced Friday “an unacceptable instrumentalization of the death of a teenager” following the death of young Nahel during a police check in Nanterre. The president also announced that “additional means” would […]

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Mylène Farmer's concerts at the Stade de France are cancelled

Death of Nahel: Mylène Farmer’s Concerts at the Stade de France are Cancelled

« NEVERMORE ? »: The prefecture of Seine-Saint-Denis has announced that the cancellation of Mylène Farmer’s shows at the Stade de France, this Friday and this Saturday, must “allow the police to deploy elsewhere in order to deal with the riots” “Everything is chaos, next door…” Nevermore, Mylène Farmer‘s tour , was to stop this Friday and […]

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