One in Four Electric Vehicles Sold in Europe in 2024 will be Made in China

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One in Four Electric cars sold in Europe, will be made in China

AUTO: While the announced wave is only just beginning, “Made in China” cars should already represent 25% of electric sales in Europe this year

This figure, which comes from the European Federation for Transport and the Environment, should worry the highest authorities of the Union, whose decision that only electric cars would still have the right to use within their borders in 2035 is increasingly criticized. According to the group, this would represent an increase of 5.5% compared to last year, when Chinese cars already accounted for 19.5% of sales in Europe. Of course, this figure does not only take into account the sales of purely Chinese manufacturers like BYDMG, Lynk & Co and the plethora of new brands that freshly arrived on the Old Continent. But it also includes models made in China by Western manufacturers. And there, they are significantly more numerous: VolvoSmartLotusCitroënDS AutomobilesDaciaTesla, and others.

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According to the Federation, the price of Lithium-Ion battery cells (the most widespread) is at least 20% lower than those of European manufacturers, Chinese manufacturing chains are more advanced, and the implementation of customs duties for vehicles produced in China would not alone be enough to stop the invasion. According to the study, “Raising tariffs on Chinese-built electrics by 25% would make mid-size sedans and SUVs more expensive than corresponding European models, but compact SUVs and larger cars from China will always be slightly cheaper. The only way to compete with them would  therefore be to push European manufacturers to increase their production of electric cars via favourable incentives and regulations. Or to introduce customs duties for battery cells from China, according to the group.

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