Television, replay, streaming… In 2023, French People Spent an Average of 4h37 per day Watching Videos

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Average time that French people watch Videos in 2023

SCREENS: Television represents two-thirds of this time, notably thanks to live programs

Despite the rise of video on demand, TV continues to appeal to French people, as shown by the latest figures published Thursday by Médiamétrie and in 2023, the time spent watching video content reached 4h37 per day on average for residents of France, the majority of which is in front of the television.

In detail, old-style TV still represents two-thirds (67%) of the video time of French people, compared to one-third (33%, +7 points in four years) for on-demand content on streaming platforms or TV platforms and social networks.

The prerogative of live remains information, 99% of which is consumed live, with notably 22 million daily viewers for , and sport (98% live).JT

Fiction in the foreground

Conversely, during a press briefing, “the predominant genre of platforms is fiction” (series and TV films), explained Isabelle Maurice, director of studies, monitoring and foresight at Médiamétrie. fiction represents 53% of programs watched in replay on channel platforms (compared to 20% of live program consumption) and 64% of programs consumed on subscription streaming platforms such as Netflix.

Proof that video on demand is becoming established in practice, 2023 recorded the “best audiences” in this area with “6.5 million people having viewed a program” on the platforms, i.e. 2.3 million more in five years, according to Isabelle Maurice. Adapting to these changes, chains continue to develop their platforms and diversify their offers.

The success of the “preview”

In addition to replay, they are increasingly offering programs online as a preview (“preview”) before their TV broadcast. A practical popular with 10.3 million viewers in November, while the number of programs (40) having exceeded half a million viewers upstream of their TV broadcasts increased 10-fold in 2023 compared to 2022.

From this summer, the preview audience will be integrated into the overall audience of a program, a new stage of a broader reform of the Médiamétrie measurement, which is a benchmark in the sector. Since January 1, it has considered the 10% of households without a television and the viewing of programs at home on Internet screens (smartphones, tablets, etc. .).

By the end of 2024, Médiamétrie will also begin to measure the audiences of Netflix and others, aiming in the longer term for a “total video” measure concerning both platforms and traditional channels.

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