Riots: For Thierry Breton, “Social Media Networks Have not Done Enough”

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The social media platforms will have to delete hateful messages

From August 25th, social media platforms will have to comply with European law.

Invited to Franceinfo, the European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton felt that “social media networks did not do enough” during the riots in France, linked to the death of young Nahel. “  They will have to do more,   he added.

During the four nights of riots, after the death of Nahel, hate messages or calls for death were relayed by the social media platforms. “  All this will no longer be possible from August 25th,   said Thierry Breton. It is from this date that European law will apply.

“When there is hateful content, content that calls for revolt, for example, which also calls for killing or burning cars, they will have the obligation to erase them immediately. If they do not, they will be immediately sanctioned. »

Cut off social media networks

Thierry Breton assures that “  if the platforms do not act immediately, then yes, we can at that time not only issue a fine but prohibit exploitation on our territory […] Interventions will be extremely rapid.  »

This would mean cutting off social networks that do not respect the rule, as Franceinfo points out. ”  We are now equipped for this with specific advice,   said the European Commissioner.

According to Thierry Breton, “The social media platforms are getting ready.   From August 25th , they will have to demonstrate to the European Union “  that they have taken steps to enforce the law  .

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