Pasta, Oil, Poultry … Price Reductions of 5% to 7% in Supermarkets this Thursday

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Drops of 5-7% on the price of many products should start to show up on supermarket shelves.

The Minister Delegate for Trade announced, this Thursday 13th July 2023, that reductions are beginning to be seen the shelves of supermarkets. Others should follow.

“We are emerging from a period of very significant inflation, and the decline is beginning,” rejoiced Olivia Grégoire at the microphone of SudRadio, this Thursday 13th July 2023. 

The Minister Delegate for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Trade, Crafts and Tourism recalled the substantive work carried out with her Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, consisting of asking the 75 largest manufacturers to lower their selling price when that of the raw materials fell.

“About forty have or will do so in the next few days. On average, we are talking about a drop of 5 to 7%, ”counted Olivia Grégoire. “Pasta, oil, tea, poultry, animal feed, canned vegetables, cakes, jam… The declines can be seen now, and this will continue throughout the summer,” she says.

“It can be a few cents, but it can also be a few euros”, specifies the minister. “What counts is the entire basket when you go to checkout.”

“It’s all very well to want to lower all prices, but behind that, we are killing farms”, analyses the minister.

She took the opportunity to recall that a price freeze was not under consideration: “It creates shortages. If this does not suit manufacturers, they can very well stop selling in France. And I’m not sure that the French like it.”

Checks carried out throughout the summer

“The DGCCRF surveys prices in supermarkets in France. They are working to check that there are indeed price reductions”, she announces, indicating in passing that, “if we have thieves, we will not tremble to quote actors who are not responsible”. The famous “name and shame”.

Of the 75 manufacturers, 35 have not yet responded to the call. 13 have a good reason: they were excluded from the list because they are in an important chain with the farmers. This is the case of manufacturers selling milk or pork, for example. 

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