Mercedes Improves Autonomous Driving with Automatic Lane Change

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Mercedes improves autonomous driving with automatic lane change

AUTO: Mercedes beats Tesla to the post by being the first manufacturer to launch automatic lane change in Europe

Mercedes earns points in the race for autonomous driving. Level 2 “driver assistance” is now improved with the automatic lane change function (called ALT) soon to be available in Europe. A novelty is already available in the United States and Canada on the S-Class, E-Class, C-Class and the EQ range. The new level 2+ functionality is being adapted for European traffic and should already appear with the first deliveries of the new E class.

Autonomous, but under certain conditions

As you can imagine, it is not enough to buy a Mercedes and sit in it for the latter to do all the work. Several conditions come into play to be able to use the ALT function. It will first be necessary to be on a motorway (or at least a double lane in the same direction) with physical separation with the opposite direction of traffic, detectable markings on the ground, sufficient clearance, and a pace between 80 and 140 km /h.

The vehicle must also be equipped with the MBUX navigation system, and travel on a road with a speed limit. Knowing that we are talking about level 2 + autonomous driving, hands on the wheel are mandatory, otherwise, we would be talking about level 3. Anyway, no longer need to take care of overtaking, the car will do on its own. But the ban on napping while driving remains in effect.

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