Which First Names were Given the Most in 2022 in France? Here is the Ranking

Which first names were given the most in 2022 in France?

Insee released this Tuesday 4th July 2023 its ranking of the most given names to babies in 2022. A ranking without great surprise.

As for the year 2021, the most given first names in 2022 are… Gabriel and Jade. They are respectively 4,889 boys and 3,420 girls to have received these first names in 2022, according to the annual ranking published this Tuesday, July 4, 2023 by INSEE.

No transcendent novelty in this ranking compared to that of last year . Among the girls, besides Jade, we always find in the top 5 Louise, Ambre or Emma. It should be noted, however, the arrival of Alba, who gains four places compared to 2021 and ranks fourth among the most given female names in 2022.

Among the boys, the same story. We also find the same popular first names as in 2021 this year, with, Léo and Raphaël or Louis still in the top 5. Maël, he goes from 7ᵉ to 4ᵉ place, and returns Arthur to 8ᵉ place.

Here are the top 10 baby names for girls in 2022

In 2022, here are the ten most popular first names for girls, according to INSEE data.

  1. Jade (3,420 births)
  2. Louise (3,412 births)
  3. Amber (3,380 births)
  4. Alba (3,280 births)
  5. Emma (3,158 births)
  6. Rose (2,692 births)
  7. Alice (2,520 births)
  8. Romy (2,409 births)
  9. Anna (2,380 births)
  10. Lina (2,355 births)

Here are the top 10 first names for boys in 2022

As for boys, here are the ten most popular first names last year, according to INSEE.

  1. Gabriel (4,889 births)
  2. Leo (4,078 births)
  3. Raphael (3,798 births)
  4. Mael (3,571 births)
  5. Louis (3,560 births)
  6. Noah (3,325 births)
  7. Jules (3,308 births)
  8. Arthur (3,284 births)
  9. Adam (3,212 births)
  10. Lucas (2,774 births)

What first names since 1900?

In addition to this ranking, INSEE also provides an interactive tool on its site to find the ranking of first names in France from 1900 until 2022, as well as the list of the most popular first names for girls and boys. boys, or graphs of the most frequent first names.

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