EasyJet: Why the Airline Decides to Cancel 1,700 Flights this Summer

The airline EasyJet has announced the elimination of 1,700 flights over the next three months.

In total, some 180,000 EasyJet passengers are expected to be affected by these cancellations for July, August and September 2023. The most affected airport is London Gatwick.

Did you plan to fly this summer? If you had bet on EasyJet, you could have a bad surprise.

This Monday, July 10, 2023, the airline announced the elimination of 1,700 flights over the next three months. In total, some 180,000 passengers should be affected by these cancellations for July, August and September 2023, according to EasyJet.

For what reasons?

To justify the elimination of what represents nearly 2% of its flight program for the summer of 2023 (1,700 flights cancelled out of 90,000 flights covering the period), EasyJet advances “adjustments” necessary due to a context ” very difficult “.

As Eurocontrol stated, the whole industry is facing difficult conditions this summer, with tighter airspace due to the war in Ukraine, resulting in unprecedented air traffic control (ATC) delays, as well as than to other potential ATC strike actions.


Understand more limited airspace since the start of the war in Ukraine, but also the potential new strikes by air traffic controllers. In France, the last dates back to March 2023 and led to the cancellation of 20% of flights at Paris-Orly, Marseille, Toulouse, Nantes and Bordeaux airports.

More generally, since the Covid-19 pandemic, the sector has experienced a large and rapid rebound in demand from a limited supply – in terms of flights as well as personnel.

No worries in terms of staff

For its part, EasyJet preferred to play the card of caution for this summer, even though it has no problems in terms of personnel. “Our crews are full and we have more cabin crew and pilots flying for us than ever before,” the company confirms.

Especially since “making changes now, it could avoid last-minute cancellations, which are more costly and cause more inconvenience to passengers,” she explains to Reuters.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this situation may cause.

95% of passengers affected by these flight cancellations have already been rebooked on other routes, esayJet promised.
95% of passengers affected by these flight cancellations have already been rebooked on other routes, esayJet promised. (©AD / news Val-de-Marne)

95% of passengers reassigned on a flight

If the cancelled flights mainly concern London’s Gatwick airport, (“our largest airport base, where we operate a quarter of our fleet”, EasyJet tells us), nearly 180,000 travellers remain affected by these cancellations.

Almost all of them have already been rebooked on other flights. “We have grouped the flights when we had several daily frequencies, so that 95% of the customers concerned have already been placed on another flight and are informed”, promises EasyJet.

To be very clear, there won’t be 180,000 passengers waiting to find out if a flight has been cancelled. We believe this is the best thing for our customers given the overall external environment.


In addition, the British company adds “all customers have the option of making a new reservation or being reimbursed”.

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